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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Weird Things Are Happening – new post under “Manifestation Watch”

There’s a new post  by Kendra Crossen about our ‘global weirding.’


So it’s not just that there are extreme phenomena occurring, but the things that are happening are weird. They’re weird because we’ve never experienced them before — like daffodils coming up in January instead of March when they’re supposed to. Or rain in the wintertime above the Arctic Circle where it’s supposed to be snowing. Or a species’ habitat being pulled out from under them like a rug.

In a talk at a synagogue, Friedman said, “Are we making it hot? Or is He making it hot?” (He pointed heavenward.) We can no longer tell, said Friedman, whether the increase in disasters is caused by “acts of God” or by human activities.

Read the post and then share your thoughts on our forums!

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