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Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Page in ‘Views & Visions’ – Anna Khadale


We’ve added a new page to our Views & Visions section, ‘Anna Khadale.’

Here’s an excerpt:

Meherabad (Ahmednagar): So many theories have been advanced on the manifestation of Meher Baba and all these are based on what Meher Baba had said at various times. The basic theme running through these theories is that Avatar of the Age has not yet manifested and that it will take place in due course, probably over the next fifty-sixty years.

But eminent scholar and writer Anna Khandale, Anna to his friends, doesn’t agree with the general perception. He has, in fact, put a new spin on the issue while fielding my question ‘when will Meher Baba manifest’. In his view, Meher Baba’s manifestation is not a one-off affair.

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New Items in ‘Manifestation Watch’ – from Kendra

From Kendra comes a couple of new items of interest, posted to our Manifestation Watch page:
Interesting posts by Chris Ott:

Meher Baba on the earth’s sustainability: http://meherbabawords.blogspot.com/2012/01/baba-on-earth-sustainability.html

And on 2012:













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