The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence
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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Quote of the Day

“The time will soon come when the whole world will be rebalanced, because the Avatar has worked for the rebalancing of consciousness, and mankind will be ready to accept the God-Man’s help. A new balance in the world and mankind’s conscious acceptance of God’s help will be the Avatar’s manifestation, and each person will experience his manifestation in the proportion of his love for God.”

—Bhau Kalchuri, Avatar of the Age Meher Baba Manifesting, p. 62

Quote of the Day

“I feel every time Baba said He would break His silence

that in some way, shape or form He actually did.

I also feel the breaking of His silence and His manifestation

are both are both instantaneous and gradual.”

—Andrew Thomas, posted on Baba-Talk Listserv 

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