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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Manifestation Watch: Shroud of Turin from India?

shround table

Genetic material suggests that the Shroud of Turin may have been created in India, according to this article.

Some scholars believe that Jesus traveled to India. Meher Baba has stated that “Jesus did not die on the cross but came to India, where he spent many years wandering from place to place doing his Universal work until he dropped his body in Kashmir.” During his 1933 visit to what was then Kashmir state (now part of Jammu and Kashmir state), Meher Baba revealed, pointing to a hill in Harwan village, ‘There is the place where two of Christ’s apostles, Bartholomew and Thaddeus, buried his body; they had accompanied him from Palestine'” [Lord Meher, rev. online ed., p. 1513; see also excerpt from Jame’s McGrew’s book, Avataric Advents]. The Ahmadiyya Muslim tradition also locates the tomb of… Continue reading

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