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I've been a follower of Meher Baba since 1992 (but was in His net long before I was reeled in). I'm always looking for ways to integrate all my interests which include Meher Baba, computers, webdesign, internet communications, birding, and World of Warcraft (for fun as well as its social implications).
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Commissioner Needs Wheels – Can You Help?

Hello all,

Some of you were on the mailing lists for websites that Cheryl “Aoife” Johnson (aka “Commissioner”) manages for me. If this email is unwanted, I apologize.
Please look at the link below to a fundraiser for Cheryl, who cannot afford to buy a vehicle and needs our help. Small donations are welcome.
A kindly neighbor is donating labor to refurbish a Subaru for her, but she will have to purchase it.


Please help me help Cheryl.






Quote of the Day – 4 August 2012


Baba once remarked to Kitty Davy:

“I will draw the whole world to me when the time is ripe and when I want.”


[Lord Meher 6:2043]




























Quote of the Day – 17 July 2012

Quote of the Day

Who Was the Third?

In October of 1968 Baba said that before His manifestation some three of his intimate Mandali will pass away. The first one turned out to be dear Kaka, and the second is Dr. William Donkin [on 9 August 1969].

—Mani S. Irani, 82 Family Letters, p. 362































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