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It is not their fault . . .

Gadekar said, “When we speak about the destruction of three-fourths of the world, the rich and intellectuals ridicule us, whereas the poor believe us and emphatically say the world will come to an end.”

Baba was amused by this and replied, “The poor and depressed derives a sort of relief on hearing about it in the hope and belief that the destuction of the world will automatically destroy with it their own suffering and poverty. They believe it, not because I say so, but because conditions have brought them to such a state that out of selfishness they would consider it to be a comfort and relief toward their own salvation. It is only natural that the rich and intellectuals ridicule it. They are not to blame. It is not their fault. When you who love me and have had… Continue reading

Commissioner Needs Wheels – Can You Help?

Hello all,

Some of you were on the mailing lists for websites that Cheryl “Aoife” Johnson (aka “Commissioner”) manages for me. If this email is unwanted, I apologize.
Please look at the link below to a fundraiser for Cheryl, who cannot afford to buy a vehicle and needs our help. Small donations are welcome.
A kindly neighbor is donating labor to refurbish a Subaru for her, but she will have to purchase it.


Please help me help Cheryl.






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