The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence
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Manifestation Watch

2012-02-01 @ 13:06:10 PST

A friend posted to Facebook on Jan. 28:

“I had a dream that Baba would manifest on Feb. 14, 2012, at 9:45 pm. I was standing at the boathouse on the Meher Center in Myrtle Beach and looking up at the stars. Suddenly, the stars became very bright and changed to colorful lights then streaked across the sky. Then a tidal wave of Baba’s love rolled across the world.”

We ran into the writer and he said he had a wonderful feeling in the dream. Let’s wait and see what February 14 brings — maybe the dreamer will fall in love!

2012-01-29 @ 09:20:44 PST

From Kendra:

Interesting post by Chris Ott: Meher Baba on the earth’s sustainability:

And on 2012:




Posted to Facebook, 1 December 2011:

“Tonight as we were watching Jeopardy and the final Jeopardy question came up, we were so surprised to hear Alex Trebek say, “What is the song that was inspired by a saying by Meher Baba?” [Actual wording above.]


Pushed Away by Newcomers

“In December 1963 at Mandali Hall in Meherazad, Baba was gathered with several guests and Mandali when a lover entered the room and sat down. Baba turned to him and said, ‘Be happy, don’t worry, I am the only Reality in this world.’ Then Baba said that once He broke His Silence great waves of people would come to Him. He said, pointing to us, ‘You will then be pushed away by the newcomers.’”

— Quoted from “A Visit to Meherazad, 9th December 1962,” by Kari-Jo Harb, The Awakener Magazine, vol. 9, no. 4, p. 12


Cartoon by Dan Piraro, Please enjoy responsibly.



I was drowsing on the bed while the TV news was covering the hurricane’s advance up the East Coast.

Then I dreamed I was drowsing on the bed while the TV news was covering the hurricane’s advance up the East Coast.

Only in my dream, all the newscasters were mentioning Baba’s name with familiarity, invoking his protection. It was as if we lived in a world where everyone knew Meher Baba.




Quote of the Day

“I will speak … unannounced.

It will be when all the world has gone to the dogs!”

—Meher Baba, Oct. 1941

(Lord Meher 8:2730)

July 4, 2011

The God-Man Will Utter Soon

God’s first Word was, “Who am I?”

God’s last Word is, “I am God.”

And the Word that I, the God-Man, will utter soon will be the sound of My infinite Silence.

[Source: Meher Baba, Life Circulars, no. 63, p. 133]

011-05-12 @ 03:44:08 PDT


A Baba-Lover’s Guide to May 21, 2011

by Kendra

One of the many billboards around the USA.


A Christian radio broadcaster named Harold Camping, by using biblical calculations, has identified Saturday, May 21, 2011, as the beginning of the end times, when Christ will return to earth and bring an end to history. “Beyond the shadow of a doubt, May 21 will be the date of the Rapture and the day of judgment,” he has said. Quoting further from “The doctrine known as the Rapture teaches that believers will be taken up to heaven, while everyone else will remain on earth for a period of torment, concluding with the end of time. Camping believes that will happen in October.” The prophecy has been widely publicized, on billboards across the land, although mainstream churches don’t endorse it.

Should Baba-lovers feel that there is any connection between this prophecy and Meher Baba’s prophetic statements about his own Manifestation as the Christ of this age, which included controversial predictions of the destruction of three-quarters of the world?

I hate to disappoint anyone, but I really don’t think so. Being a Baba-lover is not about sitting around waiting for something to happen on a particular date. It’s about loving, obeying, and surrendering to the God-Man, Avatar Meher Baba, to the best of our ability . . . about making others happy and serving them with the understanding that all are One . . . about holding on to Baba’s daaman and repeating His Name . . . about remembering God with love, regardless of whether anything “special” happens or not.

“The God-Man is here among men to give them love of God and to awaken them to the reality that God alone is real and all else is a dream.” —Meher Baba

So have a happy May 21, a Saturday; hope you have the day off. Jai Baba.

2011-05-03 @ 05:50:20 PDT

From oklahuma (filmmaker Bob Fredericks): Why was Baba silent? (humor)


2011-03-17 @ 09:57:20 PDT

[On June 1, 1948] Narayan [Bundellu] asked Baba, “When are You going to manifest?”

Baba smiled in amusement and said, “After hundred years. Don’t worry about My manifestation. Just love Me.”

—Source: Showers of Grace of Avatar Meher Baba on Poona Bhajan Mandali Thade Family and Ahir Family, by Laxmikant Thade

2011-01-08 @ 02:45:45 PST


Revelation of the “Star Child” Avatar

According to a Dec. 23, 2010, article from ABC news, a rediscovered ancient Syriac text called the “Revelation of the Magi,” found in the Vatican archives, tells a strikingly different version of the Three Wise Men’s journey to Bethlehem at the time of Christ’s birth, compared with the traditional version told in the Gospel of Matthew. The translator of the rediscovered text, Brent Landau, says that in this version the Star of Bethlehem not only leads the Wise Men, but actually becomes the Christ Child.

The cave fills with light, and eventually the star concentrates its light and reveals a small, luminous human being, a star child, who is Christ. What happens next in this version, when the “star child” speaks to the Magi, is quite startling:

Christ tells them: “This is one of many occasions on which I have appeared to the peoples of the world.”

Landau interprets this as suggesting that Christ is the revelation behind all religions. It certainly supports Meher Baba’s revelation that one and the same Avatar comes again and again in different ages, with different names and different forms, to awaken humanity to God’s eternal message of divine Love.

I was Rama, I was Krishna, I was this One, I was that One,

and now I am Meher Baba.

When I break my Silence, a great push will be given to humanity.

My Word of words will touch the hearts of all mankind.

—Meher Baba

2010-12-06 @ 03:13:45 PST


Weird Things Are Happening

by Kendra Crossen

Record rain and flooding, fires, heat waves, storms, tornadoes, earthquakes . . . Over 260,000 people have been killed in natural disasters in 2010, the highest total since 1976. The World Meteorological Organization says that the year’s extreme weather catastrophes were due to global warming.

Or, rather, to “global weirding,” a term popularized by Thomas Friedman of the New York Times. He wrote: “I prefer the term ‘global weirding,’ coined by Hunter Lovins, co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute, because the rise in average global temperature is going to lead to all sorts of crazy things — from hotter heat spells and droughts in some places, to colder cold spells and more violent storms, more intense flooding, forest fires and species loss in other places” (Op-Ed, 2 Dec. 2007).

So it’s not just that there are extreme phenomena occurring, but the things that are happening are weird. They’re weird because we’ve never experienced them before — like daffodils coming up in January instead of March when they’re supposed to. Or rain in the wintertime above the Arctic Circle where it’s supposed to be snowing. Or a species’ habitat being pulled out from under them like a rug.

In a talk at a synagogue, Friedman said, “Are we making it hot? Or is He making it hot?” (He pointed heavenward.) We can no longer tell, said Friedman, whether the increase in disasters is caused by “acts of God” or by human activities.

According to Baba, it is both: Fred Winterfeldt wrote in the 1950s, “I spoke to Baba about someone who, in order to protect his family and himself from destruction foretold by Baba, wanted to establish a home way up in the mountains, and stock it with the necessary food. Baba interrupted me and said, “No place will be safe, not even the top of the Himalayas. Only by the grace of God can one be saved.” So I asked Baba if this destruction would be a man-made or a natural one. Then Baba answered, “It will be both.” [The Awakener Magazine, vol. 7, no. 1, p. 40]

Margaret Craske, in her book The Dance of Love (1980), wrote about Baba’s work of cleansing the “ego” at the individual and collective level:

“After the war [WWII] Baba told us this cleansing had by no means been fully accomplished, and that there was a choice of two ways to accomplish the rest.

“One would be a third and devastating world war, and the other way would be through small wars, earthquakes, general physical upheaval, starvation for some groups, and religious groups vying with each other, their adherents killing each other to prove that their way was the only way to God.

“Baba then looked around the group and asked which we thought was the better way. For once unanimous, we said, ‘The second way.’ He made no indications as to the direction in which humanity would be swept, but certainly most of the things that He mentioned as the second way have already happened and are still, in many parts of the world, continuing to cause a general upheaval.” [pp. 153-54]

I’ve often heard people talk about how Baba said the same purpose could be fulfilled by many small devastations rather than something huge. But here, Margaret is saying that Baba did not indicate that that is indeed what would happen. Either way, humanity must apparently resign itself to being “swept” like so many dust bunnies under a broom. . . .

2010-11-10 @ 11:58:21 PDT


An Interesting Quote about Meherazad & Meherabad (from Kendra)

“Once when Eruch was in a playful mood, he shared a remarkable recollection. Baba had once revealed to the mandali, Eruch said, that everything that happened at Meherazad and Meherabad had worldwide repercussions. ‘Meherazad is a microcosm of the world,’ Eruch observed. ‘Everything starts here.’”

In His Service (newsletter of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust), July 2003, p. 3

2010-10-22 @ 17:22:48 PDT


Kendra Crossen

I was walking my dog tonight when I had a vision: on every street every house was strung with colored lights and lanterns; music was in the air as everyone knew Meher Baba and all of Myrtle Beach celebrated that it was chosen as his home in the West.

It was a little like an Indian village celebration, except it was definitely American in flavor. Let’s say Indian-inspired but home-grown. A real blend.

2010-10-16 @ 03:33:48 PDT


“I will speak.”

A young military cadet reverently asked Baba when he would break his Silence. Baba’s finger spelt out on the board:

“One thing is definite. Long before I drop my body, I will speak. The breaking of my Silence will coincide with the breaking of the long-awaited Silence of GOD. The WORD that will move the hearts of all and make them feel that only GOD is Real is to be the ONE WORD, which will carry Infinite Power behind it. So let us hope that GOD will soon make me say that WORD. If I speak now, I can make people flock around me, but that would not serve GOD’s purpose. What GOD wills happens, and I will soon speak and let the world know the WORD.”

—Source: The Awakener Magazine, vol. 1, no. 2 (Oct. 1953), p. 10

2010-09-16 @ 09:08:02 PDT


Peter Hogan writes:

I once asked Delia de Leon whether Baba had ever said anything to her
about flying saucers.

“No,” she said. Pause. “But He did once say that there was life on Mars.”

“IS life or WAS life, Delia? When did He tell you this?”

“Oh, I can’t remember,” said Delia.

And the conversation moved on.

2010-08-08 @ 03:54:32 PDT


“As the world becomes tired of its self-created noise, human consciousness will be prepared to hear the real sound of the Avatar’s infinite silence.” —Bhau Kalchuri, Avatar of the Age Meher Baba Manifesting, p. 103

2010-07-06 @ 05:22:14 PDT


One Tough Nut?


Posted by Kendra

From an interview with James B. Garvin, Chief Scientist, NASA, about the movie 2012, based on what happens when the Mayan calendar supposedly ends and doomsday descends and destroys planet Earth.

T. J. Holmes: Are you seeing any anomalies out there, anything happening out there in the cosmos that would cause some kind of alarm, even something here on earth? Are things starting to get a little balance, anyway, that would, maybe, at least you all are checking out and leaving you scratching your heads a little bit and something to keep an eye on, to worry about?

Jim Garvin: T.J., we don’t know what we don’t know.

Holmes: That’s comforting.

Garvin: Yes, well, but we’re curious enough to keep watching. And of course there’s things we haven’t understood. But we have our finger on the pulse of our planet, of the universe. And by learning, we can be aware of what could happen. And right now there’s no indication from the historical record, from what we’re seeing, of any of the kind of doomsday things. In fact, our earth is one tough nut.

Source: CNN, 13 Nov. 2009


Meher Baba (31 July 1953): “Many a world has gone, and this too will go. To take its place, another world is being made ready. Three-fourths of it is already ready, one-fourth remains to be formed. If this world is destroyed today, evolution will start in another. Evolution consists of a fixed process of ages — stone age, vegetable age, worm age, and so forth. If this world is destroyed today, an interval will remain, but by natural processes new life in a new world will take millions of years to materialize. Millions of years are required for another world to come into being.

“Natural and unnatural catastrophes come in cycles of time, not in ages. A cycle is made up of so many ages. Just as after four years a leap year occurs and a day is added for calculation purposes instead of adding a fraction of a day monthly; similarly this destruction will mean leaping millions of years. There is no question of time. Millions of years mean one second, because there is nothing such as time.” (Lord Meher, p. 4203)

2010-06-25 @ 06:45:25 PDT


Doomsday buzz about a solar superstorm likely in 2012-2013. It is one of many possible end-of-world scenarios being bandied about these days. But remember that Baba says, “But the whole world cannot perish because I have to come down again after 700 years…” (Life Circulars of Avatar Meher Baba).

2010-05-07 @ 13:20:42 PDT


Quote of the Day

“Every lover seems to be having his own interpretation of Baba’s words regarding His Silence, breaking of His Silence, uttering of the word, the manifestation, the effect of manifestation, the symptoms of manifestation, etc. While everyone is free to have his own interpretation, he should satisfy himself if such an interpretation clashed with Baba’s own words. No doubt our human minds can never grasp the real meaning of our Beloved. At the same time He also assured us that only the fulfillment of events could unfold to us, in due course, the meaning of what was said by Him.”

—M.B.G. Shastri, The Silence of Avatar Meher Baba (1998)

2010-04-18 @ 06:48:40 PDT


Thanks to John Isaacs-Young for alerting us to this article from 1 April 2010: “Sudden Mass American Enlightenment Puzzles Congress and Causes National Security Alert.”



Quote of the day:



“It’s all the others on the 18,000 planets that need help from Earth, not vice versa.” –Andrew Thomas

2010-03-14 @ 15:43:25 PDT


From Kendra Crossen:

Quote of the day:

In the forties, Norina Matchabelli met Tallulah Bankhead at some function. Tallulah, in her noted gravelly voice, asked, “Has Meher Baba broken his !?*%+*!? Silence yet?”

—from The Awakener Magazine, vol. 18, no. 1 (1978), p. 14

2010-03-05 @ 19:57:35 PST


From Kendra Crossen:

Friday night at Meher Center, a video of Filis Frederick was shown. In it, Filis said: “Baba said that when He breaks His silence, all of creation will feel His Divinity for seven minutes. So that’s ahead of us. . . . I just hope I’m not on the Freeway!”

2010-02-23 @ 05:14:43 PST


Marc and Baba Share a Cabin

At the Center one time, I was put into the new Laurel Oak cabin because I am disabled. I was at first happy to be in such a big cabin, so new and full of amenities other cabins don’t have. I complained to Baba that it is too new, that he couldn’t have been there, and no mandali slept there. Well, on the porch there are two very comfortable chairs facing one another. I sat down in one and across from me for 18 minutes sat a big picture like a painting/photograph of dear Baba, telling me he is here too. I got excited and was going to call out, for the picture was an image I thought others might see, I even thought I was hallucinating. But I decided not to move lest it go away. This was in the ’90s and it reflects Baba’s sense of humor, and the fact that he is still out there directing the show.

—Marc Flayton

2010-02-09 @ 08:00:07 PST


We like the way Marc Librescu imposed the image of Meher Baba over the character from the film Avatar.

2010-02-06 @ 04:29:10 PST
Professor J. S. Rathore has posted 83 statements by Meher Baba about the breaking of his Silence, at the Meher Spiritual University website.


2010-01-23 @ 07:37:01 PST
Bhauji Responds to “God in 3-D!”


The following is tweaked from last week’s Internet Chat/Webcast [with Bhau Kalchuri, 17 Jan. 2010]. An email from Mother C noted, “I asked Bhau briefly regarding Music Teacher Bobbi’s question about the film AVATAR. He said that he was lightheartedly suggesting she could write to the filmmaker or director about adding ‘one line’ to the movie. …”

Music Teacher Bobbi: Dearest Bhauji, wonderful to see you today. I wonder if anyone has mentioned this before, but when you just spoke of Beloved Baba acknowledged as the Avatar, it reminded me of the worldwide movie phenomenon called AVATAR. Many people are hearing that word “Avatar” because of this movie. We have AVATAR on the sign right across from the Center in Myrtle Beach advertising this movie, along with other current films. The movie is in 3-D. A Baba lover here in Myrtle Beach has concluded that the Avatar, the Beloved, is “God in 3-D!” Sending much love to you and all connected through His Grace.

Bhau: AVATAR — only the title is there, but an introduction to the Avatar, to Beloved Avatar Meher Baba, was not given. I would have felt very happy if the film at least mentioned that Avatar was on earth. Still He is working, and He has announced that three-quarters of the world will be destroyed and one-quarter will be in His special ship. This ship will go to the shore of shoreless Ocean, and this one-quarter will remain safe.

Please tell that person who directed the film AVATAR that the Avatar was in a physical body here. The Avatar is present, and He is always present. There is no past or future for Him. Even when He comes down on earth, there is still no past and future for Him. Still He is working, and He will work. His work is Universal, and He will give Creation a Universal Push, which no Perfect Master can give.

Write a letter to that director! Only one line he should give. Not much, that is enough. One line in the movie would be good. I hope you will not hesitate to give him one line!

In the book The Nothing and the Everything [by Bhau Kalchuri] (and Bhau’s upcoming children’s book, Nectar for the Children). Beloved Avatar Meher Baba

described Himself as the Mischievous Chicken. Ask that director to read the story about the Mischievous Chicken, and make it clear to him that “Beloved Baba is the Mischievous Chicken.”

—Source: Baba-Talk Listserv post by Eric Solibakke, 1/22/10

2010-01-18 @ 13:25:29 PST


Avatar: The Film

The enormous worldwide success of the film Avatar (2009) has seemed to some Baba-lovers — with tongue in cheek or not — to be preparing the world to be receptive to this significant bit of vocabulary. The word  avatar—based on a Sanskrit term for “descent” and referring primarily to incarnations of the deity Vishnu but also to other Hindu gods and goddesses — made its way into the English language as early as the 18th century and later came to mean an embodiment or manifestation of any concept in a person. As such, it was still a little-known word to English-speakers at the time Meher Baba declared himself the Avatar of the Age in the 1950s. More recently, avatar entered computer jargon, referring to an electronic image that stands for a person, usually in games, chats, or profiles.

Yet the film Avatar does seem to finally give the word universal recognition, since I imagine that many more people in the world are currently exposed to films than to the Internet. So we might say that awareness of the word and concept of Avatar will make it easier to introduce the word in its special meaning given by Meher Baba.

In its original Hindu usage, one can speak of various avatars of various deities — an avatar of Vishnu, an avatar of the Divine Mother, and so on. Several male and female spritual figures in modern times have been revered as avatars (including two of the greatest 20th century masters, Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Aurobindo). However, in Baba’s specific usage, the Avatar is the Christ or God-Man, a unique figure who manifests periodically throughout the ages as the World Teacher Savior (“The Avatar is always one and the same because God is always one and the same”). Thus, “the” Avatar, in his role as Savior, is not simply one of many avatars. However, Baba does say that all beings are avatars in the sense that we are all manifestations of the Divine — and that “not only is the Avatar God, but also the ant and the sparrow, just as one and all of you are nothing but God. The only apparent difference is in the states of consciousness.” The Avatar knows consciously that all are One with God, whereas most of us ignorantly identify ourselves with the limited ego and the physical body. The Avatar’s advent is to awaken us to our true identity.

When James Cameron’s epic Avatar opened in the Colonial Mall cinema complex directly across the highway from Meher Center in Myrtle Beach, it seemed not only a sign of the times but an ironical reminder that relatively few in Myrtle Beach yet realize that the Avatar of the Age has set up shop in their own town. (Thanks to Greg Butler for the photo.)

Avatar at the Colonial Mall Cinema, Myrtle Beach, SC

photo by Greg Butler

Quote of the day:

In the forties, Norina Matchabelli met Tallulah Bankhead at some function. Tallulah, in her noted gravelly voice, asked, “Has Meher Baba broken his !?*%+*!? Silence yet?”

—from The Awakener Magazine, vol. 18, no. 1 (1978), p. 14
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