The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence
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“I will speak … unannounced.

It will be when all the world has gone to the dogs!”

—Meher Baba, Oct. 1941

(Lord Meher 8:2730)


Please see the menu at the right for the following contents:

What Will Happen? (A short summary of Baba’s predictions)


1) Prophecies of Meher Baba

Assorted Prophecies of Meher Baba

A Glorious Dawn: Spiritual Prophecies of Meher Baba

The Worst Scenario

Wars & Disasters

Cleansing of the World

Two Aspects of Divinity

Coming Back in 700 Years

The Whole World Must Be Redeemed

Russia Holds the Key

Something Great Will Happen

Space Brothers to the Rescue?

The Dark Cloud

The Dark Cloud and the Fogger, commentary by Chris Ott

Pralaya: Dissolution of the World

The Hollywood Bowl

Do You Believe Baba’s Final Declaration?


2) Bhau Kalchuri

Bhau’s Awakenings

His Universal Work Since 1969

A Spiritual Bomb


3) Mahapralaya


4) Der Jüngste Tag


5) Saints and Masts

Prophecies of a Yogi

Nilkanth Mast


6) A Dream of Imam Mahdi


In addition, for a collection of quotes about the future from Meher Baba, see the Life Eternal anthology: Book One, Coming Attractions, part 1 and part 2, and also the Coming Attractions section of Book Two












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