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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

The Love Message


Of teachers there are many. Baba alone is ONE BABA. I live in every heart who loves God for Himself and His Presence alone.

I have been called a promise breaker. This is not true and I have endured this humiliation for a long time; but the time will come — in the next second — when those who have not fully comprehended My LOVE nor my mission — when even they shall be reawakened and know the meaning of my statement to mankind: That I love you more than you can understand and more than you can ever love your REAL SELF. Whoever sees God with eyes Divine will always see Me bowing down before them. I repeat again: My Avataric mission in this material day and age is to awaken mankind to the one single, simple, Divine Truth that GOD ALONE IS REAL and that there is nothing but God in the universe.

I urge all my lovers to hold fast to my daaman and I urge all mankind to perceive within My long SILENCE the Divine working of the mind of Christ. If this message will enable you to love God more than you have been doing, it will have fulfilled its mission on this Sacramental Day of July 10th, 1968.

I enfold each of my lovers in my Divine Love.

Meher Baba



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