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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

The Silence and Its Meaning

The Silence and Its Meaning

The breaking of my silence—the signal for my public manifestation—is not far off. I bring the greatest treasure which it is possible for man to receive —a treasure which includes all other treasures, which will endure forever, which increases when shared with others. Be ready to receive it.

—Source: “The Avatar,” Discourses, vol. 3, pp. 16-17

I am God in human form. When I break my silence the world will come to know that I am the Avatar of this age.

—Source: In Bhau Kalchuri, Lord Meher 19: 6370

[A reporter] asked: “We have here many excerpts of messages concerning your Silence. Is there any one statement that is more significant than the other?”

Baba replied: “There is one. When I break My Silence, the world will come to know that I am the One whom they were waiting for.”

—Source: Report of press conference, 23 May 1956, New York City, in The Awakener Magazine, vol. 4, no. 3 (1957), p. 16

This is an Avataric Age, and it is a special Avataric Advent because I am observing silence. Science and anti-God elements will reach their zenith in the nine months before I break my silence. Accordingly, my manifestation will also be the greatest. Breaking my silence will be as forceful as hundreds of thousands of atom bombs exploding! When I break my silence, the world will be shaken into the realization of Who I am. The impact will jolt the world out of its spiritual lethargy, and will push open the hearts of all who love me and are connected with me. What will happen when I break my silence is what has never happened before.

—Source: Quoted in Bhau Kalchuri, Lord Meher, vol. 18, p. 6170

Drown all sound in My SILENCE to hearken MY WORD of words.

—Source: “Baba Pearls,” The Awakener Magazine, vol. 7, no. 2 (Second Quarter 1960), p.11. http://www.theawakenermagazine.org

Mani wrote: . . . I remember Baba once saying, years ago when someone asked Him why He did not speak, that the question should have rather been why He did not remain silent, for in reality He spoke continually — it was just that we had not yet tuned our heart’s ears to be able to hear Him. Only when we still the ceaseless babbling of our mind can we hear Him in the silence of our heart.

—Source: Mani S. Irani, 82 Family Letters, p. 77

My Silence and the breaking of My Silence at the appointed time will make silent those who talk of everything but God.

I have told the Easterners and Westerners that they should hold My garment [daaman] firmly for the time is approaching very fast when the impact of My WORD of words will be felt by the hearts of My lovers. I will break My Silence soon . . . the time is at hand.

—Source: “Baba Pearls,” The Awakener Magazine, vol. 10, no. 1 (1964), pp. 19, 20. http://www.theawakenermagazine.org

Through endless time God’s greatest gift is continuously given in silence. But when mankind becomes completely deaf to the thunder of his silence, God incarnates as man. The Unlimited assumes the limited, to shake maya-drugged humanity to a consciousness of its true destiny and to give a spiritual push to the world by his physical presence on earth. He uses the body for his universal work, to be discarded in final sacrifice as soon as it has served its purpose.

God has come again and again in various forms, has spoken again and again in different words and different languages the Same One Truth — but how many are there that live up to it? Instead of making Truth the vital breath of life, man compromises by making over and over again a mechanical religion of it — as a handy staff to lean on in times of adversity, as a soothing balm for his conscience or as a tradition to be followed in the footsteps of the past. Man’s inability to live God’s words makes them a mockery.

How many Christians follow Christ’s teaching to “turn the other cheek,” or “to love thy neighbour as thyself?” How many Muslims follow Muhammad’s precept to “hold God above everything else?” How many Hindus “bear the torch of righteousness at all cost?” How many Buddhists live the “life of pure compassion?” How many Zoroastrians “think truly, speak truly, act truly?”

God’s truth cannot be ignored; and thus by mankind’s ignorance and weakness a tremendous adverse reaction is produced — and the world finds itself in a cauldron of suffering through wars, hate, conflicting ideologies, and nature’s rebellion in the form of floods, famines, earthquakes and other disasters. Ultimately when the apex is reached, God manifests anew in human form to guide mankind to the destruction of its self-created evil, that it may be re-established in the Divine Truth.

My silence and the imminent breaking of my silence is to save mankind from the forces of ignorance, and to fulfil the divine Plan of universal unity. The breaking of my silence will reveal to man the universal oneness of God, which will bring about the universal brotherhood of man. My silence had to be. The breaking of my silence has to be — soon.

—Source: Excerpt from “God Alone Is,” in C. B. Purdom, The God-Man (1964), pp. 345-46

Every second in Eternity every one of us is the same One Indivisible God who has no second.

For Ages I have been giving in Silence My Silent Message of Love.

You ask Me for a message from My Silence — but silent are the words of My Silence. Silent is Love, and the lover loves My Silence, and silently adores Me in My Silence.

—Source: Meher Baba’s 1959 Birthday Message, in Meher Baba Calling

When I give out the Word, then all problems will be solved . . . are you happy?

—Source: The Awakener Magazine, vol. 9, nos. 1-2 (1963), p. 38

…[T]his is the forty-third year of my silence. Every year I am telling my followers that the next year will be the year of the breaking of my silence. This reminds me of the doctor who knows that it will take a month to cure his patient. Yet, the doctor tells the patient that he will be all right in seven days. Every week the doctor repeats this. In due time the patient becomes well. So, every year I repeat as the doctor that I shall break my silence next year. But now I say, I shall break my silence soon, because the world is getting impatient for the cure.

—Source: Interview with Meher Baba by Louis van Gasteren, 20 September 1967 at Meherazad, in the film Beyond Words (1997).





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