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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Statement by Meher Baba in ‘Stay with God’

Statement by Meher Baba in Stay with God

Source: Francis Brabazon, Stay with God, pp. 65-66

God in the Beyond-Beyond state is likened to a soundless, shoreless Ocean.

The “Whim” of God for knowledge of Himself (“Who am I?”) manifested as Sound.

This Oceanic Sound is of God and is God and contains, and is, His experience of Power, Knowledge, Bliss.

The emergence of this Sound through what is called the “Om-Point” or Its Creative Utterance produced the worlds of Mind, Energy and Matter.

This Primal Oceanic Sound is the Root of all forms and creatures and men and they are continuously connected with It and derive their life from It.

When one closes one’s lips and expresses sound a “m-m-m” is produced.

This “m-m-m” is the foundation or ground of all spoken words and contains all feelings as when it expresses pain and anguish or joy and happiness, or all thought when expressed during thought and is capable of containing the whole of a question and its answer.

This “m-m-m” is a “drop” of faint sound of the Oceanic Sound, the “M-m-m” or “Word” of God separated from the Ocean by seven shadows of separation.

If the whole physical universe was a huge bell, the sound of it in comparison with Sound of the Oceanic Sound would be as the furthermost point of audibility of an ordinary bell.

This sound-drop is not different from the Oceanic Sound — it is that Ocean and can never be anything but Ocean — but it experiences itself as a drop because of separation.

This separation is not a separation by division, but a separation through impression.

(As words are expressions of this drop-”m-m-m” separated from the Oceanic “M-m-m,” so are sense actions expressions and experiences removed from Oceanic Experience: seeing and seen from Oceanic Sight, hearing and heard from Oceanic Hearing, smelling and scent, tasting and flavor, touching and touch from corresponding Oceanic Faculties.)

This Original Oceanic “M-m-m” is called Brahm-Nad (Sound or “Word” of God) or Unhud-Nad (Limitless Sound or “Word”).

It is continuous and is the eternal Root and continuous Cause of all causes and effects.

It experiences All-power, All-knowledge and All-bliss; but the drop-”m-m-m,” although of the same “substance” and not in any way different from the Oceanic-”M-m-m,” and although continuously connected with it, feels, because of its separation through seven shadows of separation, most weak, most ignorant and most unhappy — even though at times it asserts strength, knowledge and happiness.

In this present age when words, through accumulation and accretion, have become meaningless and all My previous words in the form of Precepts are neglected and distorted, I maintain Silence.

When I break My silence and speak, it will be this Primal Oceanic “M-m-m” which I will utter through My human mouth.

And because all forms and words are from this Primal Sound or Original Word and are continuously connected with It and have their life from It, when It is uttered by Me It will reverberate in all people and creatures and all will know that I have broken My silence and have uttered that Sound or Word.

The effective force of this Word in individuals and their reaction to It will be in accordance with the magnitude and receptivity of each individual mind.

And the reaction will be as instantaneous and as various as the reaction of people in a room through which a cobra suddenly and swiftly passes, when some would nervously laugh, some lose control of their bowels and some feel great courage or reasonless hope and joy.



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