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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

The Final Declaration

Meher Baba’s Final Declaration, Clarification and Confirmation, Decision, and “Instructions to All Concerned”

Before giving his Final Declaration, Baba gave out remarks that included the following:

“Now please pay attention, be wide awake, not drowsy. Since I stopped speaking, and also stopped writing, except for my signature when essential, I carried on with this alphabet board all these years of my silence. From the 7th of October 1954, I shall give up this board too, I won’t make any signs with my fingers, like Gustadji, to convey thoughts. From the 7th of October, I shall not be speaking, writing, or using the board, or making signs with my fingers. I shall be as if withdrawing within myself. This is because now at last the so-long-promised and repeatedly promised time of breaking my silence is very near. From the 7 October 1954, I shall completely retire from my present activities. There will be no mass darshans, no programmes, no meetings, no messages, nor correspondence. Take this seriously and do not write to me from the 7 October, as I shall pay no attention to letters. I shall, however, go with Gadge Maharaj when he takes me to Pandharpur, if he has the fortune to do this, as I shall drop this body soon. The mandali have asked me today to say in a few words exactly and precisely what will happen to me. So I tell you — note it down.

“In October at Satara, I shall be appearing to lead a retired, normal life, eating, taking walks, and so on; but there will be no use of the board and other things from 7 October, as I have told you. By the end of April 1955, I shall drop this body. During the six months, November to April, three phases of the Avatar-life will manifest themselves. First, a very strange and serious disease will attack this body, which will be the cause of my humiliation that I have been speaking about. Secondly, the humiliation will end in the sudden breaking of my silence, and my uttering that Word which only God can utter. Thirdly, Glorification will replace humiliation. All the pent-up Infinity in me will splash and spread over the Universe.”

Baba called for Dr Donkin and said that what followed was important, that he must grasp it and convey it over the microphone. Donkin then read the following:

“Baba wants to use a simile about the atom bomb. Just as an atom bomb, which in itself is so small, when exploded causes tremendous havoc, so, when he breaks his silence, the universal spiritual upheaval that will take place will be something that no one can describe. It will happen in a second, at a time when nobody expects it. Just as when an earthquake takes place suddenly, when no one is ready, and no one can do anything, but everyone in the affected area feels it, so the breaking of his silence will create a spiritual upheaval and everyone will feel it in his heart.”

—Source: C. B. Purdom, The God-Man (1971), p. 270-71

Meher Baba’s Final Declaration

At 3 o’clock precisely [on September 30, 1954], Eruch Jessawala read out “Meher Baba’s Final Declaration,” which is given in full:

I am very happy to have you all here.

I know that very many of you have come to Meherabad under greatly difficult circumstances. Some of you have covered thousands of miles, and even crossed continents to be at Meherabad today. It is your deep love for me that has braved all obstacles and prompted you to sacrifice your comforts and conveniences to honor my call and to be near me today.

I am deeply touched by your devotion and I am proud of the hearts that contain such love and loyalty.

There are many more devoted hearts like yours yearning to be present here, but these are not to be seen in your midst today. I know that in spite of their intense desire to be near me, they could not possibly come for one reason or another. Therefore they depend on you to convey to them in detail all that you see and hear during this two days of unique opportunity that has fallen to your lot. I trust you will not fail them.

Although you are present here with all love and faith in me and though you feel blessed to have my personal contact, yet I know that you will not realize today, as you ought to, the true significance of my call and your presence here at this juncture. Time alone will make most of you realize, not many months from now, the significant importance of this assembly.

The time is fast approaching when all that I have repeatedly stressed, from time to time, will definitely come to pass. Most of you will witness those events, and will recall very vividly all that transpires during these two days of your stay at Meherabad.

I have not come to establish anything new — I have come to put life into the old. I have not come to establish retreats or ashrams. I create them for the purpose of my universal work, only to repeatedly dissolve them once that purpose has been served.

The universe is my ashram, and every heart is my house; but I manifest only in those hearts in which all, other than me, ceases to live.

When my universal religion of love is on the verge of fading into insignificance, I come to breathe life into it and to do away with the farce of dogmas that defile it in the name of religions and stifle it with ceremonies and rituals.

The present universal confusion and unrest has filled the heart of man with greater lust for power and a greed for wealth and fame, bringing in its wake untold misery, hatred, jealousy, frustration and fear. Suffering in the world is at its height, in spite of all the striving to spread peace and prosperity to bring about lasting happiness.

For man to have a glimpse of lasting happiness he has first to realize that God, being in all, knows all; that God alone acts and reacts through all; that God, in the guise of countless animate and inanimate entities, experiences the innumerably varied phenomena of suffering and happiness, and that God himself undergoes all these illusory happenings. Thus, it is God who has brought suffering in human experience to its height, and God alone who will efface this illusory suffering and bring the illusory happiness to its height.

Whether it manifests as creation or disappears into oneness of reality, whether it is experienced as existing and real, or is perceived to be false and non-existent, illusion throughout is illusion. There is no end to it, just as there is no end to imagination.

There are two aspects experienced in illusion — manyness and oneness. While manyness multiplies manyness, oneness goes on magnifying itself. Manyness is the ‘religion’ of illusion on which illusion thrives.

In the illusory beginning of time, there was no such state of mess in illusion as there is today. When the evolution of consciousness began, there was oneness, in spite of the diversity in illusion. With the growth of consciousness, manyness also went on increasing, until now it is about to overlap the limit. Like the wave that reaches its crest, this height of manyness will dissolve itself and bring about the beginning of oneness in illusion. Suffering at its height will cause the destruction of this climax of manyness in illusion.

The time has come for the pre-ordained destruction of multiple separateness which keeps man from experiencing the feeling of unity and brotherhood. This destruction which will take place very soon, will cause three-fourths of the world to be destroyed. The remaining one-fourth will be brought together to live a life of concord and mutual understanding, thus establishing a feeling of oneness in all fellow beings, leading them towards lasting happiness.

Before I break my silence or immediately after it, three-fourths of the world will be destroyed. I shall speak soon to fulfill all that is shortly to come to pass.

To affirm religious faiths, to establish societies, or to hold conferences will never bring about the feeling of unity and oneness in the life of mankind, now completely absorbed in the manyness of illusion. Unity in the midst of diversity can be made to be felt only by touching the very core of the heart. That is the work for which I have come.

I have come to sow the seed of love in your hearts so that, in spite of all superficial diversity which your life in illusion must experience and endure, the feeling of oneness, through love, is brought about amongst all the nations, creeds, sects and castes of the world.

In order to bring this about, I am preparing to break my silence. When I break my silence it will not be to fill your ears with spiritual lectures. I shall speak only one Word, and this Word will penetrate the hearts of all men and make even the sinner feel that he is meant to be a saint, while the saint will know that God is in the sinner as much as he is in himself.

When I speak that Word, I shall lay the foundation for that which is to take place during the next seven hundred years. When I come again after seven hundred years the evolution of consciousness will have reached such an apex that materialistic tendencies will be automatically transmuted into spiritual longing, and the feeling of equality in spiritual brotherhood will prevail. This means that opulence and poverty, literacy and illiteracy, jealousy and hatred, which are in evidence today in their full measure, will then be dissolved through the feelings of the oneness of all men. Prosperity and happiness will then be at their zenith.

This does not mean that oneness in illusion shall remain so eternally. That is because all this that is, is illusion, and the consciousness of oneness as well as of manyness in illusion is part of the process of evolution. The time is bound to recur when there will be again the same beginning, growth and culmination of the heights of manyness and oneness in illusion.

My next advent, after I drop this body, will be after seven hundred years, and that will mark the end and the beginning of a cycle of cycles. All cycles of time in illusion end and begin after 700 to 1,400 years, and there have been and will be millions and billions of such cycles in a cycle of cycles; thus, there is no end to illusion, which always remains illusion.

Age after age I come amidst mankind to maintain my own creation of illusion, thereby also awakening humanity to become aware of it. The framework of illusion is always one and the same, but the designs in illusion are innumerable and ever-changing. My advent is not to destroy illusion because illusion, as it is, is absolutely nothing. I come to make you become aware of the nothingness of illusion. Through you I automatically maintain illusion, which is nothing but the shadow of my infinite self, and through me you automatically discard illusion when you are made aware of its falseness.

My manifestation as the Avatar of the time will be of short duration. This short period will, in quick succession, cover my humiliation, the breaking of my silence, my glorification and my violent physical end. Everlastingly with all the divine bliss within me, I eternally suffer for one and all — thus I am crucified eternally and continually for all.

During this short period, my Word of words will touch the hearts of all mankind, and spontaneously this divine touch will instill in man the feeling of the oneness of all fellow beings. Gradually, in the course of the next seven hundred years, this feeling will supersede the tendency of separateness and rule over the hearts of all, driving away hatred, jealousy and greed that breed suffering, and happiness will reign.

—Source: C. B. Purdom, The God-Man (1971), pp. 272-75

Baba gave to his mandali on 13 November [1954], at Satara, the following explanation of the Final Declaration:

Clarification and Confirmation of the Final Declaration

It is really very difficult for anyone to believe and understand what I say, because none can grasp the meaning underlying my words. It is natural for even my intimate mandali not to understand; but I want you to take everything that I said in Meherabad during the meetings very seriously, because all I said was the truth; they were the words of God, and all the things said must come to pass in exactly the manner described by me.

From the day I declared in Meherabad that there will be the destruction of three-fourths of the world, that a strange disease will attack my body, that I shall suffer humiliation, that I shall break my silence and speak one Word, the Word of words, that there will be my glorification, and that finally I shall drop my body when I shall be stabbed in the back, my lovers and others have been confused, trying to interpret my words in different ways.

Everyone is free to interpret my words in any way they think and feel. But one thing I tell you, that whenever I say a thing, I naturally use my own ‘language,’ and whatsoever is said by me is truth. But, my ‘language’ is such that none can understand or grasp the underlying meaning of what I say; therefore, when I want to say a thing I have simultaneously to make use of your language also, knowing well that you would understand nothing whatsoever if I were to make use of my ‘language’ alone.

In order to help you to understand my Final Declaration, and to put an end to your confusion and worry, I want you all to know that when you saw me dictate on my alphabet board during the Meetings at Meherabad, and heard about:

(1) A strange disease attacking my body: that was said in your language.

(2) The humiliation that I shall suffer: was said in your language.

(3) The breaking of my silence and my uttering the one Word of words: was said in my own ‘language’ and simultaneously in yours, because when I utter that word, it will be an audible word to you.

(4) My Glorification: was said simultaneously in my ‘language’ and in yours.

(5) The destruction of three-fourths of the world: was said in my own ‘language’ alone.

(6) The stab in the back: was said in my own ‘language’ alone.

(7) The dropping of my body: was said in my own ‘language’ and simultaneously in yours.

Consequently, whatever is said by me in your language, you are able to understand and know what is said; but, that which is said in my own ‘language’ is impossible for you to understand, however much you may try to interpret the meaning behind my words. Only the fulfillment of events can unfold to you, in due course, the meaning of what is said in my own ‘language.’ I therefore want you not to worry unnecessarily or be confused. Just believe whatever I say is Truth; and all that I have said in my Final Declaration will come to pass precisely as I have dictated, by the end of April 1955. And the beginning of all that is to happen within the period of these six months will be effected by me from the 1st December 1954.

From that date to the 16 January 1955, all concerned should know that:

(1) Each and all things as intimated, declared and clarified by me are fixed and ordained fact, and God will see that everything happens and is done as fore-ordained by him.

All that is destined to take place is unavoidable, yet the resultant effects can be modified in two different ways according to circumstances. The modification of the effects of a destined plan can either affect the intensity, scope, shape or size of the chain of events, or bring about a considerable change in the factor of time. In either case, the effects can be modified as much in relation to me and those closely connected with me as to the world at large. For example, the world can absorb fully a simultaneous spiritual and material shock either by a modification in the quality and quantity of events or by a considerable change in the time factor. If the time limit April 1955 as mentioned at the Meherabad Meetings remains unchanged, then in order to enable the world fully to absorb the shock of shocks, the chain of events may be modified both in degree and in kind. But if the time limit is changed considerably, the events will take place without any modification whatsoever.

In that event the most important and significant point is that definitely and emphatically the link between my physical body and all my external activities as carried on up to now, will be dropped by April 1955, and there will take place an immeasurable change in the external relations between me and those who are closely connected with me. If I do not drop my physical body, I shall yet, so to say, ‘die,’ for I shall then become actually dead to the world up to the end of the modified period of time. During the indefinite period of the modified time, I shall completely stop one and all of my external activities as carried on by me in the course of my different phases of my physical life so far, including the present life of retirement amongst those who live with me permanently.

I shall then, throughout this modified period of time, live a life of complete physical detachment from everything and everybody except a few as will be absolutely necessary for my requirements of nature in the barest sense of living the life of a man alive.

(2) I wish all my lovers to observe a fast and remain only on water (which can be taken any number of times during the fast) for 24 hours, from 8 p.m. on Saturday February 12th [1955] to 8 p.m. on Sunday February 13th [1955], (local time in each country) and to devote all available time during the twenty-four hours in praying to God in the way each likes best to pray to him.

(3) Honesty is the Key note to Divinity. He who can love God honestly can lose himself in God and find himself as God.

—Source: C. B. Purdom, The God-Man (1971), pp. 277-280

He [Baba] was back in Satara [after trips to Poona and Bombay] and on 10 April [1955] issued:

The Final Decision

The Universe has come out of God. God has not come out of the universe. Illusion has come out of Reality. Reality has not come out of illusion. God alone is Real; the universe itself is illusion.

God’s life lived in illusion, as the Avatar and as Perfect Masters, is not illusory; whereas God’s real life lived in creation is both real and illusory. Illusion, illusory life, and God’s life lived in illusion are not and cannot be one and the same. Illusion has no life. Illusion is illusion and is nothing by itself. Illusory life means life in illusion, with illusion, surrounded by illusion, and is illusory life. God’s life lived in illusion is not illusory because in spite of living the illusory life God remains Conscious of his own Reality.

God is absolutely independent, and the universe is entirely dependent. When the Perfect Masters effect the descent of God on earth as the Avatar, they make Reality and illusion interdependent, each upon the other. And thus it is that his Infinite Mercy and Unbounded Love are drawn upon by those who are immersed in Illusion.

Between God and the Universe, infinite Mercy and unbounded Love act as a link eternally made use of by men who become God (Sadgurus, Perfect Masters or Qutubs), and by God who becomes Man (Avatar, Christ or Rasool). So the Universe becomes the eternal playmate of God. Through this link the Avatar not only established life in his Divine Play, but also established Law in illusion. And, this law being established by the God-Man or Avatar is the law of the law-less Infinite; it is eternally Real and at the same time illusory. It is this Law that governs the universe: all its ‘ups and downs,’ construction and devastation are guided by this law.

At the Cyclic period, God’s Absoluteness is made to work upon this Law by the God-Man as God’s Will, and this means that anything and everything that the Avatar wills is ordained by God. Consequently, all that I stated in the Final Declaration and Confirmation is ordained by God, and must and will happen.

I was in Khuldabad the 22nd of March [1955]. There night and day I did my work most intensively. The intensity of my spiritual work caused great pressure on my physical body and mind, and it was there that I decided that all I had declared in my Final Declaration must come to pass exactly in the same sequence and with the same intensity of effect but with modification in the time factor. Therefore, with the change in the Time Limit, the Intensity, Scope, Shape and Size of the chain of events will take place without any moderation whatever, to bring into effect the destined Plan.

In the meanwhile mankind must await, according to this Final Decision, the witnessing of all that is to come to pass as ordained by God. This is the time when man must love God more and more. Let him live for God and let him die for God. In all his thoughts, in all his words and in all his actions love for God alone must prevail.

—Source: C. B. Purdom, The God-Man (1971), pp. 280-81 (Life Circular no. 24)

David Carter’s comment: In Life Circular no. 24 there is a footnote keyed to the title “DECISION” which states “After this, no other Circular concerning Baba’s Final Declaration will be issued by Baba, as the above is His Final Decision.”

It is very interesting to note that at the end of the previous Life Circular, no. 23, the “CONFIRMATION OF THE FINAL DECLARATION,” a final paragraph says: “Baba has been withdrawing more and more within Himself, reducing all communication to the minimum of gestures, without recourse to making signs as of ‘writing with forefinger’ or to the alphabet board, as he has done for the thirty years of his silence. In very exceptional cases, as in the above communication, Baba spends hours making one of those present repeat the English alphabet again and again and stopping him each time the required letter is arrived at in order to help them form the word or grasp the sense of the sentence he wishes to convey.” This next Life Circular, no. 24, containing the “Final Decision,” begins by saying, “Through the wearisome mode of communication as explained in the last Circular, Meher Baba has conveyed the following Decision.” Thus, as Baba was giving this series of key messages about His mission, which included, of course, the breaking of His silence, He was deepening His silence.

This [The Final Decision] was followed by calling to Satara thirty-six persons from Poona, Nagar, Bombay and elsewhere, together with the mandali to receive special instructions. . . At 12 o’clock [noon on April 24, 1955] the following ‘instructions to all concerned‘ were read out:

According to my Final Decision, except for the time factor everything will happen in every detail and sequence as declared, clarified and confirmed by me.

There is now no limitation to any point in time, nor contact with any point in time. Things may happen after one month or three months, after three years or twenty years. In short I may speak tomorrow or my silence may be broken after 10 years.

I am free from all promises, bindings, undertakings and arrangements. None should therefore ask for anything material or spiritual from me at any time or on any account. I will do what I think to be the best for one and all and when I deem it fit.

It is only on the above basis that all concerned must now decide whether to give up or hold on to my daaman, i.e. to believe in me, revere me and remain devoted to me, by following my orders and instructions.

The period of three months from May 1st [1955] to July 31st, 1955 is a period of crisis for me. I must go into retirement for 3 reasons: (1) for myself, (2) for those who love me, and (3) for all.

(a) During the period of my stay in Jal Villa at Satara, I will not step out of the central rooms of the bungalow.

(b) I may or may not eat and sleep regularly for the duration of the crisis.

(c) I am not bound to remain in any one place during or after the first month of my retirement. I may change my plans at any moment and might undertake to go on foot from place to place or go into even greater solitude.

No one should under any circumstances come to see me or communicate with me directly or indirectly for any reason whatsoever up to the end of July 1955.

All those closely connected with me, all those who love me, and all those who care to follow my instructions must be scrupulously honest; must strictly abstain from sexual actions; and must try to spread my message of Love and Truth as far and wide as possible during the period of crisis for the three months from May 1st [1955] to July 31st [1955].

—Source: C. B. Purdom, The God-Man (1971), p. 282 (These instructions were issued as Life Circular no. 25.)



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