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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Der Jüngste Tag

Der Jüngste Tag

by Gregory Allen Butler

—Source: http://holistic-personal-development.com/2009/02/25/der-jungste-tag/

(posted Feb. 25, 2009)

A few months back I read translated excerpts from Der Jüngste Tag [literally, “The Recent Day,” published 1949], written by Paul Otto Hesse. I was enthralled by the reading. I felt as if I was visiting the same Truth that I had spent the last 30 some years focused on, but coming to it from a new direction.

My interest in Der Jüngste Tag was peaked not only because it is uplifting, but because it addresses the immense challenges I feel the world will soon have to face. These challenges include immense world-wide suffering. My interest was also peaked when a friend told me that Meher Baba told his Swiss disciple Max Häfliger in 1954 that the book was very accurate.

And significantly enough, it was at that time in 1954 (less than three weeks later) when Meher Baba made this public statement, known as Meher Baba’s Final Declaration:

“In the illusory beginning of Time, there was no such state of mess in illusion as there is today. When the evolution of consciousness began, there was oneness, in spite of the diversity in illusion. With the growth of consciousness, manyness also went on increasing, until now it is about to overlap the limit. Like the wave that reaches its crest, this height of manyness will dissolve itself and bring about the beginning of oneness in illusion. Suffering at its height will cause the destruction of this climax of manyness in illusion.”

I can’t quite image what “suffering at its height” will entail. Meher Baba even said that conditions will be so bad that people will be forced to eat the bark of of trees just to survive.

Meher Baba went on to say:

“The time has come for the preordained destruction of multiple separateness which keeps man from experiencing the feeling of unity and brotherhood. This destruction, which will take place very soon, will cause three-fourths of the world to be destroyed. The remaining one-fourth will be brought together to live a life of concord and mutual understanding, thus establishing a feeling of oneness in all fellow beings, leading them toward lasting happiness.”

Hesse, in his mystical perspective, writes also about a much smaller world population, after much destruction, being brought together in oneness, guided by the Word. “This Word as an inner voice is pure spiritual guidance (religio), which makes our earthly existence more endurable if we respond to it…

It is interesting to see the parallel between what Hesse said and what Meher Baba (He spent the last 44 years of his life in silence) said regarding the Word:

“In order to bring this about, I am preparing to break my silence. When I break my silence, it will not be to fill your ears with spiritual lectures. I shall speak only one Word, and this Word will penetrate the hearts of all men, and make even the sinner feel that he is meant to be a saint, while the saint will know that God is in the sinner as much as He is in himself.”

Hesse, based on what he writes, seems to have been spiritually advanced. He wrote that he “is conscious of the living force of the manasic vibration, and has made it into an experience of unbroken and indescribable bliss and he wishes that the readers may utilize this love too and realize it as an inner experience.”

He also states that the words he wrote were a revelation of a Son, “who is greater than the ego that gratefully passes on the messages he received.” Here, the use of the word Son connotes a state of God in a human body such as a Perfect Master or the Avatar.

For those of you not familiar with the term Perfect Master, it is a soul that not only achieves perfection or Infinite Consciousness, but uses Infinite Knowledge, Power, and Bliss for the emancipation of other souls in the grip of ignorance.

In the Ten States of God (written by Eruch Jessawala in a subsection of Meher Baba’s book, God Speaks), it states this: “In this state the Perfect Master or Man-God is divinely, unattachedly and unlimitedly above the law of illusion that governs the cosmic Creation in an infinitely systematical order; and yet He permits Himself to be bound by the limitations of time, space, and causation while continually experiencing consciously His ‘I am God’ state and His infinite power, knowledge and bliss. He not only experiences these infinite attributes, but he also uses these for the emancipation of other souls in the grip of ignorance who are still unconscious of their own eternal reality.”

If this book, written by Paul Otto Hesse, is actually given as Divine Revelation by a Perfect Master, or the Avatar, then it is truly a spiritual treasure house of knowledge. If it is merely channeled information, from a disembodied soul, then it falls way short. Which one it is, we have to decide for ourselves. But its words strike a transcendent chord and a challenge to the spirit:

“The inner ear can perceive it (the Word) in the hidden language of the All Pervading Spirit as revelation of the Love which must be felt and realized by man and which creatively makes the universe and our thoughts vibrate if we experience this Vibration of Love consciously.

“On the Day of Judgement this vibration, which is here called Manasic Vibration (Manasic from the Sanskrit word, mana, which refers to mind) because it moves the thoughts, will be visible to all mortal beings as an unearthly beautiful radiation as on this Day nature creates the conditions which will transform the Word into Light…”

This is somewhat of a parallel of another statement made by Meher Baba regarding his silence:

“…And, when I break my silence, you all who have come into my contact will have some glimpse of me. Some small, some big, some little, some a little more. When the main switch of an electric powerhouse is turned on, wherever there is a connection with the bulbs, there the light is on. If the bulb is small, you get a low candle power. If it is high, good light; and; if the bulb is fused, no light! That is why I said that I have performed no miracle; but when I break my silence, the first and the last of the greatest of all miracles will be performed.

“Love me wholeheartedly; that is the only thing. Love me, love me, love, and you will find me.”

Perhaps some find controversial his statement about Atlantis sinking 10,000 years ago, and that since then, the conditions of nature very rarely allow us to perceive the mantle of light or aura which is a constant companion to the physical body of every human being. And he connects that event to what is to happen again, perhaps the most controversial, his reference to our solar system entering “the radiation zone of the central sun.”

This is when the end of life as we know it will take place. This reminds me of the literature I have been reading on the subject of December 21, 2012 as the end of time as we know it, according to the Mayan calendar.

But according to Hesse, it is not the end of time, just the end of a cycle:

“The plan of creation provides for periodically recurring periods of time of about ten thousand years, being interrupted by periods of one to two thousand years so that on the one hand the development of humanity can progress upwardly based on the free will to choose between good and evil, between love and suffering on their own initiative — in the darkness of the veiling force of nature; on the other hand to guide humanity who tends to stray from the path of progress based on the laws of nature, back, to the lawful order of the world’s creation — by their abiding in the primal light. If that did not happen, the spiritual evolution of life would be impossible, since most people completely ignore the only and true aim of their existence.”

I have never resonated with the concept of a Judgment Day, as we have in the Bible. For I don’t look upon God as judgmental. All consciousness eventually reaches its highest state, just as every stream eventually winds its way to the Ocean.

But Hesse presents it in a way that doesn’t conflict with that view point. No one is eternally damned, as is believed by most fundamentalist (in whatever religion this life they happen to find themselves believing in). He says something that I have never come across before:

“In the Kingdom of God which will cosmologically be established with the Day of Judgment, those people, who have achieved mastery over low thoughts and desires and who have become Sons (Perfect Beings or Masters) while abiding for ten thousand years in a state of darkness, will shine like the sun in their manasic auras. They will be brotherly friends to all those people who have been accepted but have not reached a state of perfection yet.

“Life for all those people who have not been accepted by the cosmic radiation will be less favorable because they will be excluded from the process of evolution for about one thousand to two thousand years. Their souls will not be able to progress further until the solar system leaves the radiation ring of the central sun and plunges into the cosmic space of darkness.”

I have read writings of others who dismiss this book because of what Hesse says about the Earth approaching a ring of radiation that belongs to the central sun of the Plaiades. He states that the extension of this ring allows our solar system to spend a out one thousand to two thousand years in it, at an undiminished velocity of its orbit of 29 kilometres per second. He say that the “emanation of this cosmic ring of radiation — its substantial nature — defies any astrophysical research. It will not manifest to the senses of man until the stars of our solar system enter into it. This atomistically radiating ring of the central sun has the nature to set stellar objects, which enter this ring, fluorescing far beyond their atmosphere, which stimulates the manasic auras of all living creatures.”

I know this must make scientists go ballistic because they can find no evidence for this. But Hesse is referring to something beyond the senses. A scientist can only measure phenomenon in the gross or material world. But advanced mystics experience what can be called a subtle world and a mental world.

These are worlds that can only be seen when our consciousness withdraws from the gross world and becomes focused on the inner planes of consciousness. So it is as if our solar system is about to go through a subtle energy field.

I suppose the effect would be like a spiritually sensitive person coming into the physical contact of a Perfect Master. The person would feel the bliss that radiates from the Master and his consciousness would be changed.

But to a scientist, there would be no evidence of anything happening. There would be nothing the scientist could point to until he had his own consciousness raising experience with the Master.

My own inner experience tells me that bliss is everywhere. But at some places it is much more concentrated.

It’s beyond my experience to know if there are huge concentrated fields of bliss in the galaxy, but that is the sense I get from a close reading of Hesse’s words, because he says that this ring will stimulate the manasic auras of all living creatures, as far as they have developed the required receptiveness and vibration. As above, so below.

Hesse says, “Because of the velocity with which we orbit in cosmic space, this event will hit a completely unprepared humanity like a flash of lightening…”

This reminds me of the famous phrase used in the movie, The Fly: “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

But there really isn’t anything to fear. It’s all just another step on our journey to the infinite love of God.

The better thing to remember is this: Be prepared. Be very prepared. And how do we do that? By attuning ourselves to God through love.



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