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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Filis’s Vision: Descent of the God-Force

Excerpt by Filis Frederick from


Compiled by Michael X. Barton

(Los Angeles: Futura Press, 1967)

Filis’s vision is one of a collection published in this 37-page stapled-paper booklet. It has been republished and can be purchased on Amazon (if you care to pay $17.99 for 38 pages).

This is an Educational and Inspirational Monograph especially written and intended for NEW AGE Individuals everywhere. It contains a unique and extraordinary collection of modern-day visions, dreams and other subjective soul-experiences. Statements in this Monograph are based on Soul Revelation and Super-Sensory findings. No claim is made as to what the information cited might do in any given case and the Publishers assume no obligation for the opinions expressed or implied in any of the material herein.


Dear Reader:

Our friend Anthony Brooke, the noted traveler known world-wide for his genuine interest in metaphysics, the ideals of a spiritual way of life and the New Age, wrote a letter to me recently.

“I am coming across more people (including my sister),” Anthony explained, “who are having VISIONS and DREAMS of the ENDTIMES, and that these are imminent!

“Many of these visions involve the Book of Revelation,” he went on. “The other day I met a woman who dreamt about a year ago, most vividly, of watching the world going up in the most beautiful flames — a simply glorious sight, she said! The one thing that impressed her most was that she was not in the least bit disturbed, while nevertheless realizing that she was part of the happening.

“If you, Michael, have a collection of authenticated ‘modern visions’ relating to these transition times, do let me have some examples. Or better still, write a book about them, with your interpretations!”

You will find many such VISIONS, PROPHECIES and DREAMS herein, compiled from numerous sources. The material is, for the most part, taken from personal letters sent to us by sincere and inspired individuals from every walk of life. Since most of the contributors wish to remain anonymous, only their initials have been used. The visions are recent enough to qualify as “modern” and I assure you no “dream” or “vision” printed in this book is other than entirely genuine, and is reported as given.

These private revelations and soul-experiences continue to pour in, even as NATURAL disturbances in our world increase. It is almost as if the Universal Mind is trying with all its might to tell us that in very truth the ENDTIME of the Age is upon us. May we recognize this and prepare ourselves for the great events ahead.


AMAZING VISIONS OF THE ENDTIME״ pulls no punches in recounting to you the powerfully VIVID DREAMS and the SHOCKING SCENES of events we all instinctively sense are NOW shaping into form on the horizons of this world. Many souls are now seeing VISIONS OF WHAT IS TO COME SOON! These are important things for you to know about.

Students of Prophecy realize — even if the masses of mankind do not — that “coming events cast their shadows before [them]”; and unless such warnings are at once HEEDED, so that definite changes and constructive alterations in the pattern are made … it is as sure as night follows day that Earthman will “reap exactly what he has sowed.”

“AMAZING VISIONS OF THE ENDTIME” pertains to the END of this Age which is rapidly approaching. We are in the “endtime” now. The angelic visitor admonished Daniel [12: 4, 10] that “… when many shall travel and knowledge shall be increased … THEN the WISE SHALL UNDERSTAND” (that it is the END of an Age). Please do not expect this unusual book to “END the WORLD” for you. It won’t, for that isn’t what “endtime” means. TIME, however, is running out for this Age in which you and I live, and VISIONS reveal that many climactic [climatic?] EVENTS and UPHEAVALS are directly ahead.

You, who read the “Visions” will KNOW. But as for others, no amount of proof is sufficient for them! They do not want to know it. And the great revealing will come to them as an OVERWHELMING SURPRISE!


The Sun Became Brighter…

DEAR MICHAEL: It was December 24, 1938. I was alone in my mother’s apartment in New York recuperating from a bad cold.

Rather suddenly I was plunged into a visionary state, where the following panorama was unfolded to my eyes in great detail, and in full “technicolor” as it were. It went on for a long time and I took notes on it as fast as I could. Here is the gist of the VISION:

It began with a view of the entire vast gross world — showing each great island universe with its billions of stars, gradually lining up along ONE axis like a series of lens[es] in a telescope. As they aligned along this central axis, a beam of GOD-LIGHT was focused and brought down from the original AUM POINT or most finite point of creation, and it focused finally on our Earth.

I was then shown the Earth as if from far out in space but with every detail clear. Suddenly BLACK AREAS began to erupt and spread across the planet, beginning in Germany, Italy, Russia and then Japan … covering the light areas. Soon the Earth was covered to a greater extent with these DARK SPOTS. Significant “dates” appeared lettered on certain areas in rapid succession. Then the black receded, but there were smaller flareups in the Far East and in the Middle East.

Then came a fiery dark inferno. Even the sun “stood still” covered by DARK CLOUDS. A bright STAR or COMET seemed to hurtle closer to the Earth through the sky, creating great waves in the oceans that engulfed the coasts of the world and causing great earthquakes on land. In the havoc and hunger that followed these days, brother turned against brother. Also, brother helped brother.

Then I found myself standing on a great plain where thousands of persons were gathered. Waves of ineffable bliss, peace and love flowed through us all and focused on a great Sun in the East, then poured out again through us in tones of exquisite LIGHT-COLOR-MUSIC-BLISS making us all feel ONE with each other. We were like a field of wheat rippling in an invisible wind of divine LOVE. The sun became brighter and appeared as a MAN with definite features — dark eyes, flowing auburn hair — as all about him in a circle sat his disciples, each with distinct features, East and West.

I knew this was the re-appearance of the Christ or Avatar of the Age from the East. The New Age had begun, with a transformation of consciousness. The gift of the God-Man to all men and indeed to the whole Universe. This was a descent of the God-Force, at the juncture of one great overcycle of evolution, the end of one Age with the beginning of another. Such a juncture causes great SUFFERING and also GREAT BLISS. The God-Force, focused through the giant lens of Maya, centered on our Earth in the form of the God-Man, yet it affected all Creation.

At this time (1938) I had no knowledge of Meher Baba, but when I came to know of him in 1942 I recognized him instantly as the face of the God-Man in this vision; and as I met his disciples, one by one, I also recognized their faces. Each date shown so clearly on certain areas was verified in the Second World War. THE REST IS STILL AHEAD. The year 1968 definitely begins the second cycle of events. One can accept or reject Avatar Meher Baba — the world will do both — but surely the SIGN of God is on him and his deeds.

I learned later that Baba has said there would be a third World War: “Man would begin it, but it would be so terrible that God would have to end it.”

— P. F. [Phyllis Frederick], Manhattan Beach, California


The above vision is certainly one of the most remarkable we have come upon, in our search for amazing visions. I call your attention, dear reader, to the incredible fact which “P.F” herself has pointed out, namely that “each date shown on certain areas was VERIFIED in the Second World War.” Yet, there is MORE to come. According to her amazing vision, which was highly precognitive and prophetic, we are yet to witness “havoc and hunger” on a terrific scale when “a fiery dark INFERNO” grazes this Earth. Perhaps most serious of all, World War III, which … according to Meher Baba, man WILL begin, but which will be ended by Divine Intervention lest no flesh be saved. Yet, in these terrible times, the spiritually awakened ones will gather around the manifested Light. — M.



I woke up early on January 1, 1948, and saw that the sun seemed to be much bigger than usual and it was rotating first this way then that, like a giant gear train of wheels within wheels, in a very subtle but definite rhythm. Then I “fell back” in consciousness to a very ancient time and “lived through” the following:

I lived on an island in the ocean with very beautiful cities and temples built upon it. I was a young initiate or priestess of a group of women renunciates. There was an opposite group of men initiates. They were great adepts, especially in reading the patterns and cycles of the stars. Their temples were pyramidal in shape. But a certain corruption had set in and their groups were infiltrated by a clique of very degenerate priests and priestesses who broke their vows and misused their highly developed occult powers to mislead the people into bad actions.

The leader of our women’s group was a saint. She had pointed out a young, beautiful boy as being the Avatar or Divine Incarnation of the Age. But this evil clique opposed him. One day they seized him and, dressing him in mock priestly robes, threw him into the sea. This sacrilegious act very soon had terrible consequences. It brought on a natural catastrophe; the seas rose up and the island sank rapidly, leaving no trace.

However, our leader had been forewarned and had prepared several boats with provisions. We hurried into these (the few faithful ones) and just barely cleared the maelstroms of the sinking island. Now began a journey of great duration and stress. Some of the boats became separated from us by storms, and went East while we continued West, facing hunger and death. But this woman’s great courage kept us going until we landed on a new continent.

When I came out of this visionary state I recognized at once the woman saint as a woman I had met and known in this life and through whom I heard of Meher Baba, the Avatar of this Age. She was one of his chief women disciples and a great soul. I also got the feeling that we had landed on the east coast of America, about where South Carolina is today — and incidentally, where the first Western Spiritual Center is dedicated to Meher Baba, at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I also had the feeling that those who went East landed in Africa, and much of their knowledge was carried down the ages by the Egyptians … as perhaps “our” group carried it to Central America. Significantly, both groups built PYRAMID TEMPLES and knew astronomy.

The natural catastrophe following the rejection of the Avatar of the Age came at a junction of one great overcycle of evolution with another — and is CORRELATIVE to our time. Avatar Meher Baba has predicted that men will reject him and put a violent end to his life, which will precipitate GREAT NATURAL DISASTERS ON OUR EARTH.

Shortly after, in late January of 1948, we received Baba’s circular that his new life phase began on January 1, 1948, and signified the end of the (false) beginning and the beginning of the (true) end. “… something none of us knew on January 1, 1948, in the United States.” —P.S. I had never read nor studied any material on “Atlantis” at time of my vision.

—P.F. , Manhattan Beach, California



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