Avatar Meher Baba Manifesting

The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Assorted Prophecies

Assorted Prophecies of Meher Baba

Many (not all) of these are drawn from Markar’s “Life Eternal” collection in the sections on “Coming Attractions.”

Unaware as you are of my reasons and purposes for the ever-repeated postponements in the breaking of my silence, and for my apparently giving vague promises —  which are likely to create doubts in the weak ones, but add strength of test in the strong ones —  you should be aware of my methods of working.

It is that I always allow things to shape themselves out in the natural course, and I seldom put my mind into bringing about merely mundane results…

I therefore emphasize, and repeat once again, for you to have full faith in the accomplishment of what I have stated, and to remain brave in heart, even if God’s ways, for the time being, seem inscrutable. [5 August 1943, Lahore]

—Source: Meher Baba quoted in Lord Meher 8: 2911

Out of the agonizing travail and suffering of the present times, the new enlightened humanity has to be born. Man shall be weaned away from the allurements of the ego-life. He shall come into full inheritance of his own divinity, and know himself to be none other than the supreme God himself. And his heart shall be unlocked so as to release the dynamic love divine.

Divine love knows no decay, fear or corruption, because it is illumined by the understanding that all life is one.

Let those who are alive to the real values hearken to this call of mine. They will have an ample share in bringing into existence the new era of truth and love.

I give my blessings to all.  [11 November 1944, Nagpur]

—Source: Messages of Meher Baba, East and West (ed. Adi K. Irani), p. 66

In the war-crazy world around you today, what do you see with regard to the quality and quantity of suffering and pain that has afflicted humanity in general?

It is patent to all that not only those who have taken up arms and are actually engaged in fighting have suffered intense loss and pain, but even the innocent and the peace-loving section of humanity —  men, women and children —  have experienced and are experiencing crucial agonies and tortures, both physical and mental.

Whatever may be the political and economic explanation of the worldly wise in this respect, this sanguine phenomena, from the spiritual point of view, is a cyclic divine visitation over which no earthly power has any control. The whole situation is simply and purely the resultant of the divine law of cause and effect, which is the same as conveyed by the Persian adage meaning ‘It is only from us whatever be upon us (good or bad).’

However dark the clouds, and whatever may be the poignancy of pain and despair, one spiritual fact embodying cheer and hope to suffering humanity must not be lost sight of, which I am going to convey to you here today:

There are always two aspects of divinity, perpetually and eternally active in the affairs of the world. The destructive aspect of divinity, as expressed in Persian, means ‘self-glorification,’ and the constructive aspect of divinity is called in Persian ‘self-beautitude.’

The aspect of self-glorification by God, when it gets palpably active, entails suffering and destruction on a colossal scale, as we see it today. The aspect of divine self-beautitude, when it asserts itself, brings in its wake peace and plenty.

In the aspect of self-glorification, divinity repels itself through its own creation. And in the aspect of self-beautitude, divinity attracts or loves itself through its own creation. The former is a negative method, and the latter is a positive method, and both these methods ultimately are instruments of divine wisdom to rouse humanity to their divine heritage, which is self-realisation.

Further, both the aspects of God referred to just now not only affect humanity individually and collectively, but their intensity and force is directly in proportion to each other, and they assert themselves in cyclic waves.

Now that the destructive phase is about to weaken, the aspect of divine beautitude is nearly due to come to the fore. And to invite humanity to avail themselves of this blessedness to come is my divine mission in life.

Just as in the present world catastrophe, even the guilty and the not-guilty, the combatants and non-combatants, have suffered intensely physically and mentally — similarly, in the self-beautitude aspect of God that is to be manifest in the near future, not only the deserving, but the non-deserving as well, have as good a chance of being the recipients of divine grace — provided they are wide awake to the situation, which will be a cyclic dispensation rare and unique.

My blessings to all — those who have heard my message, and those who have not. [13 November 1944, Nagpur]

—Source: Messages of Meher Baba, East and West (ed. Adi K. Irani), pp. 71-72

A gigantic disaster will overwhelm the world which will wipe out three-fourths of mankind. [8 November 1945, Angiras Rishi Hill, Tapovan to Adi K. Irani]

—Source: Meher Baba quoted in Lord Meher 9: 3081

There will be revolution all over India, including Ahmednagar. The face of the country will change as the time of my manifestation is nearing. [7 December 1946, Meherabad]

—Source: Meher Baba quoted in Lord Meher 9: 3141

The world is now drawing very close to the great upheaval which will precede the breaking of my silence. This upheaval will entail great suffering to humanity, but this very suffering will work a profound change of heart, and will sweep the world clean for the new and vital phase that must follow. [March 1947, Mahabaleshwar]

—Source: The Awakener Magazine, vol. 6, no. 2 (Summer 1959), p.12. http://www.theawakenermagazine.org

Don’t expect anything to be easy. Life will be full of problems, and the world even more so. In fact, in years to come the world will reach a zenith of anti-God thinking, immorality, lust and greed, because the ending of a vast cycle of cycles is taking place. But after the climax, a new era of brotherly love will be ushered in by God, who knows all that is going on. [January 1948, Meherazad, to Ivy Duce, unpublished]

[Baba said:]

“You people say that at the time of my Avataric manifestation, mankind will receive a shock like an earthquake and I will appear at different places in my physical form. But such ideas do not prove the Avatar’s manifestation 100 percent. In the Avatar is contained the whole of creation. All the lives contained in the world are like his limbs.

“If a scorpion stings a man on one part of his body, the brain immediately knows it and pain is felt throughout the body. Similarly, when the Avatar will ‘sting’ [manifest], every life sustained in creation will feel it. Thus, the Avatar’s presence on this plane and the scorpion’s sting [manifestation] will be experienced by all.

“If the sun were to shine 24 hours a day and there was no darkness, the presence of the sun would not be recognized, unless there was complete darkness once. The rising of the sun consequent to darkness would make humanity appreciate the presence of the sun. The dark night is signified by the scorpion’s sting.”

Thinking of pralaya, Ghani interjected, “Darkness may also mean mass annihilation and dissolution of the world!”

Baba laughed and remarked, “You all [those present] remember this subject of dissolution.”

Continuing, Baba spelled out on the alphabet board:

“After the Avatar’s manifestation, humanity will receive the Light in different degrees proportionate to each one’s receptivity. Those out in the open will experience the full light of the sun; those holding umbrellas over their heads will receive less; and those who remain closeted in their houses will get even less.

“This means that those who keep themselves shut up in the houses of their desires will receive the least Light; those who, though out in the open, hold an umbrella over their head — refuse to open their heart to God — will receive less; and those of pure desires and an open heart will experience the full brilliance of the Avatar’s coming.”

“Will we experience the Light or not?” Ghani asked.

Baba jokingly replied, “Look at the ways of your Avatar! Though I stay in Ahmednagar, I go all the way to Pimpalgaon for the night. If you can grasp this, you will get the Light!”

—Source: Lord Meher online rev. ed., 2626-27

Although physically Baba will depart soon, yet Baba is eternally everywhere. So stay where you are and love me. And wherever you are, I will be with you. [29 September 1954, Meherabad]

—Source: Quoted in Bal Natu, Glimpses of the God-Man Meher Baba, vol. 6, p. 160

On the 19th [December 1925], hinting about his real state, Baba revealed: “My real form is indescribable! When I speak, a few will experience it internally, from within. At that time, my outward form will resemble the forms of Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Ram, and Zoroaster. They all looked like me, with the same hair and a similar face.”

—Source: Lord Meher, online rev. ed., p. 630

The Mandali have asked me today to say in a few words exactly and precisely what will happen to me. So I tell you —  note it down.

In October at Satara, I shall be appearing to lead a retired, normal life, eating, taking walks, and so on. But there will be no use of the board and other things from 7 October, as I have told you. By the end of April, 1955, I shall drop this body. During the six months, from November to April, three phases of the Avatar-life will manifest themselves.

First, a very strange and serious disease will attack this body, which will be the cause of my humiliation that I have been speaking about. Secondly, the humiliation will end in the sudden breaking of my silence, and my uttering of that word that only God can utter. Thirdly, glorification will replace humiliation. All the pent-up infinity in me will splash and spread all over the universe…

[Baba asked Dr. Donkin to read out something he had dictated, and said that it was important.]

Donkin: Baba wants to use a simile about the atom bomb. Just as an atom bomb, which in itself is so small, when exploded causes tremendous havoc, so, when he breaks his silence, the universal spiritual upheaval that will take place will be something that no one can describe. It will happen in a second, at a time when nobody expects it. Just as when an earthquake takes place suddenly when no one is ready, and no one can do anything, but everyone in the affected area feels it, so the breaking of his silence will create a spiritual upheaval, and everyone will feel it in his heart.

And, unbelievable as it may seem, my universal glorification, he says, will not be manifested very near my physical presence, wherever I may be then. At the time of my glorification, all will feel it throughout the world, but those who are around me will not be affected. They who will be there will not be merely disinterested in Baba, they will actually be hostile.

For example, I may be then in Poona, with no one from the Mandali near me, but thirty or forty of the hostile group may be there, and they will not feel the glorification and upheaval. All the rest of the world will feel it. No one of my Mandali or lovers will be near me when I am beaten and finally stabbed.

Yet I never die. I am always the Ancient one. You should all remember that God alone is real, all else is illusion.

Your attending this meeting and hearing in precise and definite terms about these happenings will be worth it if all of you, or if some of you, or at least a few of you spread the message of my love to others. [30 September 1954, Meherabad]

—Source: Divya Vani 6:12, pp. 14-15

There is no reason at all for any of you to worry. Baba was, Baba is, and Baba will also be eternally existent. Severance of external relations does not mean the termination of internal connection. The external contacts had been maintained till now. The time has now come for being bound in the chain of internal connections. Hence external contact is no longer necessary. It is possible to establish the internal link by obeying Baba’s orders. I give you all my blessings for strengthening these internal links.


I am always with you, and I am not away from you. I was, am, and will remain eternally with you, and it is for promoting this realisation that I have severed external contact. This will enable all persons to realise Truth by being bound to each other with internal links.

Oh my lovers, I love you all. It is only because of my love for my creation that I have descended on earth. Let not your hearts be torn asunder by my declarations concerning the dropping of my body. On the contrary, accept my divine will cheerfully. You can never escape from me. Even if you try to escape from me, it is not possible to get rid of me. Therefore have courage and be brave.

If you thus lose your hearts, how will it be possible for you to fulfill the great task that I have entrusted to you? Be brave and spead my message of love far and wide to all quarters in order to fulfill my divine will. Let the words ‘Baba, Baba’ come forth from every nook and corner of the world, and from the mouth of every child, and let their ignorance be reduced to ashes by the burning flame of my love.

Come together in order to fulfill my will by taking your stand on truth, love and honesty, and be worthy of participating in my task. I give you all my blessings for spreading my message of love.

—Source: Meher Baba’s last message on the alphabet board, dictated October 7, 1954, Satara; translated from Hindi by C. D. Deshmukh; and sent out to American and European groups on October 8. Lord Meher 13: 4562. See also Letters from the Mandali of Avatar Meher Baba (ed. Jim Mistry), Pp. 139-140

People generally remain indifferent when I am present among them. They understand and appreciate me more after I drop my body. That is the way whenever I come. [November 1955, Meherabad]

—Source: Listen, Humanity, p. 14

“… in the 1930’s Baba had declared, ‘In the future, Meherabad will be like Jerusalem. For My spiritual work, it is the best place. It will always be the center of My work.’”

—Source: Bal Natu, Star of Infinity, p. 39

It is a fact that I have come amongst you. One of these days the whole world will come to realise how I have come, where I have come from, and the purpose of my coming.

I repeat once again that I have come neither to establish panths and jaats (groups and classes), nor to establish mandirs, masjids, churches and ashrams in the world.

I have come to receive the beauty and give the blessings of love. All else but God — whether rites, rituals or ceremonies in the name of religion, worldly possessions, family, money, or one’s own physical body — all else but God is illusion. [1955, India]

—Source: Listen, Humanity, p. 240

The infinite bliss of my Self-realisation was, is and will remain continuous. At the moment, I experience both infinite bliss as well as infinite suffering. Once I drop the body, only bliss will remain. [1955, Meherabad]

—Source: Listen, Humanity, p. 246

It seems to all that I give promises, and break all of them. But I fulfill all of them…

I am master of the art of telling lies, of giving promises and not fulfilling them. But remember, I am beyond all that too, and therefore I fulfill every promise given. [26 January 1956, Sakori]

—Source: Glow International, Aug. 1993, p9

To a group of Baba-lovers at Guruprasad, Pune, during darshan programs in 1957, Baba said:

I want to tell you one important thing which each of you must remember well. It is a fact that I am the Lord of the Universe. I am omnipresent. Now the time is fast approaching and I clearly see the “dark cloud” hovering. I see its picture. By this I am not referring to the recent [1956] motor accident that has already come to pass. The “humiliation” that I was referring to since long is within sight. During that phase of my life there is every possibility that I may slip off your hands.

Now let me first explain what I mean by humiliation. Suppose you are loved by some one very dearly for several years and, one day when you happen to meet him, he suddenly begins to abuse you, kick you and spit on your face; in the context of your previous relations with him, your plight becomes an example of humiliation. In the same way, if some persons, who have previously adored me and raised me up to the skies in adoration for years, suddenly turn against me and express extreme disdain for me by throwing me in filth, it will be another example of humiliation.

I will also give you an example of circumstances under which this kind of a thing can happen. You are worshiping me for so many years. Suppose you suddenly find me eating rubbish and roaming about naked on the streets, behaving like a mad person. What will be your reaction to this behaviour of mine? I do not want any one of you to think or say that Baba is going to become mad! On the contrary, I have come to make the whole world mad after God and Truth!

Only the Avatar, whenever he lives amidst mankind, has to undergo humiliation. When there are five Perfect Masters, who are God personified and who control and look after the affairs of the universe, what need is there for them to precipitate the Incarnation of God on earth? They bring him down to shoulder the sufferings of humanity. The five Perfect Masters are not as much scandalised or humiliated as the Avatar is. I have been made to take this human form by the five Perfect Masters of this age to bear the Cross and to undergo humiliation.

You have read in the Gospels wherein Christ had said to his Apostles, “You will deny me.” This did happen when Peter, the chief Apostle, denied Jesus. The thing is that during the phase of humiliation the circumstances will so array themselves that you won’t be aware when my daaman has slipped from your hands. At that time, you may even feel justified in leaving me.

But if you feel that this should not happen, there is one remedy. You should grasp well all what I say, and act upon it with understanding. You should also tell everything you hear today to those who are not present. In short, I clearly see the “dark cloud.” I do not wish to make a mere mention of the “dark cloud” without any reason; but this is my loving warning to you so that my daaman may not slip from your hands!

—Source: Glow International, May 1980, pp. 6-7. Also Lord Meher 15: 5171.

The world, once it knows who I am, will understand then what I want you to understand now —  that from the beginningless beginning, I am the Ancient one, immutable and eternal…

I have already warned you of the dark cloud which I clearly see hovering over me. I have been referring to it in one way or another for many years.

In fact, only the shape of things changes every time I come, and that is why I say the same things again and again in different ways. At the time of Jesus, I uttered many warnings, yet none could grasp in advance about my crucifixion.

The dark cloud is very, very near to bursting, and I have to take the whole force of it upon myself. You can have no idea what that will mean for me. It will be like hell itself bursting upon me on earth. Be resolved to hold fast to my daaman even when this cloud bursts. You will thereby share in my work…

Look at the weapons of destruction science has evolved. Nation accuses nation of preparations for war, and world catastrophe might come without warning at any moment. World events reflect the results of my inner working.

At the time of the Flood, hell was let loose in the world. Scientists and statesmen now solemnly declare that if total war comes, the whole world may perish. They are just echoing me. But the whole world cannot perish because I have to come down again after 700 years…

Just as I am now quite unable to do so many physical things unaided, in spite of an otherwise healthy body, I may, at the time of the impending crisis, become even mentally helpless, without being mentally deranged in the least. You may then not be able to continue to hold on to my daaman because circumstances will seemingly justify your letting it go.

I am infinitely merciful, and so repeat the same theme again and again, so that you may remember my words and try your best to cling to me.

For example, in a sudden and terrifying earthquake, any man, in the blind hope of saving his life, is likely to run, forgetting in an instant his family and all his possessions, and thus forsake them before he realises what he has done.

Whatever is to happen will happen. This is the principle, or as I call it, the Law of Must, the law on which universal illusion thrives. It is as if the ready and complete film of illusion, from the beginningless beginning to the endless end, is being projected continually.

If it is destined that my daaman should slip from your hands, it will. But it is for me to warn, and for you to remain alert. [8 September 1957, Meherabad]

—Source: Life Circulars of Avatar Meher Baba, pp. 79-82

Age after age, when the Avatar comes, he has only a small group of followers. In this cycle, it is different, this cycle is something special. Now thousands in the south of India follow me. Recently the government approved a textbook of my life for use in the schools. The Zoroastrians were once opposed to me, but now they come and love me…

Only a few will hold on to me… those who are near to me, not in space, but in love. The rest will leave me. The age-old experience will be repeated. In this incarnation I have a large following, but again I shall be left with a few. It is as if around me there are many beautiful buildings. It took years to build them. But when an earthquake comes, they are destroyed in a few seconds. Only a few survive.

… You will see me only in memory. When I drop my body, I will remain in all who love me. I can never die. Love me, obey me, and you will find me. [May 1958, Myrtle Beach, SC]

—Source: The Awakener Magazine, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 7 ,20

Another version:

Every time I come, it happens. I have a small crowd of followers, and at a critical time, they deny me.

This time Baba has a large following, and yet, at the nick of time, they also will deny me.

Around me there are beautiful buildings, homes that took years to build. It took years to build structures like these, but it does not take five seconds to demolish these structures.

At this particular time, it is only those who love and obey Baba 100% who will be able to hold onto him in the nick of time.

—Source: Ivy O. Duce, How a Master Works, p. 307

[Ivy Duce wrote about the analogy of the buildings, “Baba gave an example… comparing us to castles.”]

If six cobras came into this room suddenly from out there, would you just sit still here with me?

No, you would be flying out the doors and windows as fast as you could, in sheer panic. You would forget all about Baba.

Peter denied me when I was Jesus.

The dark cloud of which I have been talking is very, very near. It will happen suddenly, from an unexpected angle, just like I have mentioned the sudden onrush of the cobras. You will not expect it from such an angle, and you will feel justified in leaving me.

Each will be tried by his psychological weakness, but try to hang on.

[20 May 1958, Myrtle Beach, to the Sufi group]

—Source: Ivy O. Duce, How a Master Works, p. 308

When I leave this body, it will have its rest in the tomb on this hill. After 70 years, this hill will turn into a place of world pilgrimage, where lovers of God, philosophers and celebrities will come to pay homage to the tomb.

[1958, India]

—Source:The Awakener Magazine, vol. 5, no. 3, p. 12

Do you realize what it means to follow me? It means to leave all and follow me. And do you know what it is to leave all? It is to leave everything, even your self, behind you.


This means that, having left everything behind, you have to follow me, and not run ahead of me. And to do this is so very difficult because it is so very simple.

If you let your will guide you, so that you walk ahead of me, you become your own obstruction to my leading you. And since you are ignorant of the pitfalls on the way, I have to keep a constant watch lest you fall. What this amounts to is that, instead of you following me, I have to follow you.

I am not limited by form. I am within everyone, and within you, as the real guide. So following me does not mean that you have to leave everything and stay near me. It also does not mean that you are to use me as a dumping board for your worries, nor that you are to expect me to fulfill your wants. It means that you are to be completely resigned to my will, and abide in a spirit of total surrender.

To follow me is to obey me and to do as I want. When my will becomes your way, you are truly following me, and then you are safe and you are saved. I know the way and its labyrinths, for I am the way and I am the goal.

[January 1959, Pune, to an individual]

—Source: Eruch Jessawala, The Ancient One (ed. Naosherwan Anzar), p. 167

… I lay down no precepts. When I release the tide of truth which I have come to give, men’s daily lives will be the living precept. The words I have not spoken will come to life in them.


I veil myself from man by his own curtain of ignorance, and manifest my glory to a few.

My present Avataric form is the last incarnation of this cycle of time, hence my manifestation will be the greatest. When I break my silence, the impact of my love will be universal, and all life in creation will know, feel and receive of it. It will help every individual to break himself free from his own bondage in his own way. I am the divine beloved who loves you more than you can ever love yourself. The breaking of my silence will help you to help yourself in knowing your real self.

All this world confusion and chaos was inevitable, and no one is to blame. What had to happen has happened, and what has to happen will happen. There was and is no way out except through my coming in your midst. I had to come, and I have come. I am the Ancient one.

—Source: The Universal Message (See Principal Messages)

… That which you as individuals know at this moment, I knew aeons ago. And what you as individuals in ages to come will be knowing at a particular moment, I know now.  [c.1960, India]

—Source: The Everything and the Nothing, p. 58

Being the highest and becoming the lowest, I manifest knowledge and assume ignorance at the same time. Even though I know a certain thing will happen within a month, I may chalk out plans as if it was not to occur for years. Again, knowing that an event will not take place for years, I appear to expect it to happen shortly.

In dnyan (knowledge) there is adnyan (non-knowledge or ignorance). But in adnyan there cannot be dnyan. Having all knowledge on the highest level, I can assume full ignorance on your level. In fact, I am infinite knowledge, and as such, I know what is to happen even after hundreds of years. Yet I profess ignorance while I am on your level…

I who am knowledge itself manifest ignorance of knowledge. Knowing all, I seem not to know, at one and the same time. [c.1960, India]

—Source: The Everything and the Nothing, p. 61

I am the Lord of the universe, and when I give up my body, the world will recognize me. [1960, Pune]

—Source: The Awakener Magazine, vol. 22, no. 1, p. 40

You people have been worrying about Berlin. It wasn’t Berlin you should have worried about, it was Cuba. That situation has given me a terrible time. It was touch and go for quite a while. You have no idea how serious it was.

[Ivy Duce wrote, “He went on to say that the third world war has already started on the border between Communist China and India”]

I am the nut in the nutcracker. The Chinese are my children, and the Indians are my children. You might find the Chinese at our gate, so be careful.

After 1962, everything will be upside down. World War III will not be fought where it has been fought before. It will be fought here, and will spread into the Near and Middle East. The Chinese will retreat this winter, but they will return after the snows melt. But India will win in the end.

[November 1962, Pune]

—Source: Ivy O. Duce, How a Master Works, pp. 360-361

When I break my silence, my presence will flood the world, and even an inanimate thing like a stone will feel my love.


[1963, India]

—Source: Kitty Davy, Love Alone Prevails, p. 602

“The whole world will know and welcome me as Jesus returned once I speak.” (July 1932)


—Source: Lord Meher, vol. 5, p. 1670

My silence, and the breaking of my silence at the appointed time, will make silent those who talk of everything but God. [1963, India]


—Source: Kitty Davy, Love Alone Prevails, p. 604

Hear me while I am silent, for when I break my silence, there will be nothing left for you to hear.


—Source: Mani S. Irani, 82 Family Letters, 60th letter, 20 August 1964, p. 2

No messages about love and truth can draw the seeker even nearer to the real experience of them. But the breaking of my silence will shatter the seeker’s hard crust of ignorance, and reveal to him their true meaning. [1964, India]


—Source: Kitty Davy, Love Alone Prevails, p. 616-617

Be composed in the reality of my love, for all confusion and despair is your shadow, which will vanish when I speak the word.

[February? 1966, India]

—Source: Kitty Davy, Love Alone Prevails, p. 636

God’s first word was ‘Who am I?’ God’s last word is ‘I am God.’ And the word that I, the God-man, will utter soon will be the sound of my infinite silence. [June? 1966, India]


—Source: Kitty Davy, Love Alone Prevails, p. 640

My abode is infinite. It is formless. But there are seven doors in my abode. Each door remains closed to all those bound in illusion.


The aim of involution is to open these seven doors to experience my infinity. The first door is extremely difficult to open. All the kingdoms of evolution stand at this door. Humanity has its back to this door. All faces are turned toward illusion. Humanity is the nearest kingdom to this door.

I come to open these seven doors. I work to cut a hole in the first door. That door leads to the first plane. This cutting is my work during my lifetime.

[1967, India, to Bhau Kalchuri]

—Source: The Awakener Magazine, vol. 21, no. 2, p.59 http://www.theawakenermagazine.org. Also in Bhau Kalchuri, Avatar of the Age Meher Baba Manifesting, p. 189

All my intimate lovers, whether living with me or away from me, will in the end experience my divinity. [May 1967, Meherazad]


—Source: Kitty Davy, Love Alone Prevails, p. 650

Divine father, help your beloved son to carry out all your work this year, for July of this year will mark the last year of his silence. [17 January 1968, India]


—Source: Meher Baba quoted in Lord Meher 20: 6560; Vani 10, p. 19 (10 April 1969)

None can have the least idea of the immensity of the work that I am doing in this seclusion. The only hint I can give is that, compared with the work I do in seclusion, all the important work of the world put together is completely insignificant. Although for me the burden of my work is crushing, the result of my work will be intensely felt by all the people of the world…


… I repeat, something great will happen that has never happened before. But now it will not be until soon after the 21st of May 1968.

I also repeat that the fate of the universe hangs on my seclusion, and the redemption of mankind depends upon my manifestation…

[February 1968, India]

—Source: Kitty Davy, Love Alone Prevails, p. 659

My work is done. It is completed 100% to my satisfaction. The result of this work will also be 100%, and will manifest from the end of September.


[30 July 1968, India]

—Source: Kitty Davy, Love Alone Prevails, p. 666

Baba had asked that his followers not write him at all because of his seclusion work. Bhau Kalchuri, one of Baba’s Mandali, felt deeply disturbed that Baba would not reply to letters from his followers. Baba told him,


“My lovers are great. They want nothing material or spiritual. I come down to worship them…

“Why are you so disturbed? You have been with me for so many years, and still you do not understand what I am doing for them. If they come here, what will they see? Only this physical body.

“This is the real thing I am giving them (Baba made the gesture for his seclusion work, which was a fist against his thigh). My work is the real thing which I am giving them, and you will witness with your own eyes what will happen to those who have not met me physically.”

[October 1968]

—Source: Bhau Kalchuri, Avatar of the Age Meher Baba Manifesting, p.195.

Also in The Awakener Magazine, vol. 21, no. 2, p. 58, http://www.theawakenermagazine.org.

The world is approaching a glorious dawn once again in its inevitable course of ups and downs.


—Source: The Awakener Magazine, vol. 17, no. 1, p. 36, http://www.theawakenermagazine.org

When I break my silence, the world will come to know who I am.


As a rule, in the past, it has been the lot of posterity to know who the Avatar was. But in this unique Avataric advent, the world will know who the Avatar is while Baba is yet on earth.

—Source: Sparks of the Truth (1967), ed. C.D. Deshmukh, inside front cover

Again and again, God takes human form to suffer for his creation. I am that one. Like you, I also have a body and a mind and so on. I feel hunger, thirst, etc. But I also have the Universal body and the Universal mind, and therefore your individual suffering is nothing compared to my eternal universal suffering.


I have infinite knowledge. I do not have to use my mind in order to know —  I just know. I use my infinite knowledge. But although I have infinite bliss and power, I do not make use of them. If I were to make use of the bliss that is at my beck and call, how could my suffering be suffering? And of what benefit would it be to mankind?

I also do not use my infinite power. If I were to use it, how would I remain helpless? I remain infinitely helpless because while having infinite power at my command, I do not use it. I shall use it only when I break my silence to give a universal spiritual awakening. And when I drop this body, I shall use my bliss for 700 years till my next advent.

—Source: T.K. Ramanujam, Much Love, pp. 574-575

I am not limited by this form. I use it like a garment to make myself visible to you, and I communicate with you through words best fitted to your understanding. If I used the language of my own consciousness, you would not know what I was talking about.


Don’t try to understand me. My depth is unfathomable. Just love me. I eternally enjoy the Christ state of consciousness, and when I speak I shall manifest my true self. Besides giving a general spiritual push to the whole world, I shall lead all those who come to me towards light and truth.

—Source: T.K. Ramanujam, Much Love, p. 596; Mani S. Irani, 82 Family Letters, p. 17

I am so infinite that I myself cannot fathom my own infinity. My shadow, the creation, is also so infinite that once I tried to see with my Gross eyes all that had come out of me, but I failed.


Scientists will soon discover a little of what I say. There are 18,000 worlds that are inhabited by human beings. In some the people are extremely intelligent, in others less, and in still others still less. None of them who live in these worlds have any experience of the Subtle world. People from those worlds must be born on this earth to experience the Subtle and Mental worlds.

This is an Avataric age, and a special Avataric age, as I am observing silence. Science and anti-God elements will reach their zenith… before I break my silence. So my manifestation will also be the greatest. Breaking my silence will be as forceful as hundreds of thousands of atom bombs exploding.

Science is practically heading to its zenith today because of the very intelligent souls of the other worlds coming down here (to this our earth). Our population is increasing by leaps and bounds for the same reason, that souls are migrating from other worlds as they want a human body on this earth in this Avataric age. Remember one thing: all is illusion. Only God is real, and I am God in human form.

—Source: T.K. Ramanujam, Much Love, p. 575

When I break my silence, the hearts of all those who have come in contact with me will be ignited with love.


—Source: T.K. Ramanujam, Much Love, p. 596

“One day in the early forties, Baba called all of us and asked us ‘What will happen to this world? I’ll give you five minutes to narrate the worst scenario.’


“Each of us described the horror that the world would experience. After listening to all of us, he said,

“‘This is not even one percent of what will happen. The entire world will cry out. Food will not be available, and people will eat the cloth off their backs.

“‘I will give those who are mine a small amount to eat, but what will happen to the rest?’

“On another day, Baba told us, ‘I will close all the doors very slowly. Only then will suffocated humanity become conscious of fresh air.’

—Source: Mansari Desai, Glow International, February 1997, p. 9

It seems that every personal ego has to come up to the surface and function, before it can be destroyed, so the national ego, the religious ego, etc., must undergo, in the same way, the same process of destruction. Love can then flow in to replace them. After the war, Baba told us this cleansing had by no means been fully accomplished, and that there was a choice of two ways to accomplish the rest.


One would be a third and devastating world war, and the other way would be through small wars, earthquakes, general physical upheaval, starvation for some groups, and religious groups vying with each other, their adherents killing each other to prove that their way was the only way to God.

Baba then looked around the group, and asked which we thought was the better way. For once unanimous, we said, ‘The second way.’ He made no indication as to the direction in which humanity would be swept, but certainly most of the things that he mentioned as the second way have already happened and are still, in many parts of the world, continuing to cause a general upheaval.

[1945?, India]

—Source: Margaret Craske, The Dance of Love, pp. 153-154

On one of these latter days, Baba emerged after having sat for many hours in complete seclusion, his face more drawn and weary than Adi ever remembered having seen it, and said that a gigantic disaster would overwhelm the world, that would wipe out three-quarters of mankind.


Adi was deeply stirred, not only by the anguish on Baba’s face, but also because he spontaneously dictated these words immediately on emerging from his seclusion, as if the work done during that seclusion had been specifically related to the world passion of which he spoke.

[November 1945, Angiras Rishi Hill]

—Source: William Donkin, The Wayfarers, p. 81

“… In fact, Baba has been heard to have remarked that… more than a lakh [100,000] of souls will have Illumination* at his hands before his mission comes to an end.”


—Source: Abdul Ghani, in Ivy O. Duce, How a Master Works, p. 719

*Illumination = the experience of the sixth plane

I spoke to Baba about someone who, in order to protect his family and himself from destruction foretold by Baba, wanted to establish a home way up in the mountains, and stock it with the necessary food.


Baba interrupted me and said, “No place will be safe, not even the top of the Himalayas. Only by the grace of God can one be saved.”

So I asked Baba if this destruction would be a man-made or a natural one.

Then Baba answered, “It will be both.”


—Source: Fred Winterfeldt, in The Awakener Magazine, vol. 7, no. 1, p. 40, http://www.theawakenermagazine.org

Last evening when the pain was bad, Baba said,


“The accident* has been a blessing for the universe, and a curse for Baba.”

… He said to the effect that all suffering borne by Baba is out of his compassion and love for humanity. The suffering yet to come for the world will be so great that it could not sustain it, and so Baba takes one end of the yoke on his shoulder.

[15 December 1956?]

—Source: Mani Irani, in Ivy O. Duce, How a Master Works, p. 294

*A car accident in which Baba was very badly hurt

Once I spoke a word, and the creation came into being. Once again I will speak one word, and all will be over. In between there is only silence and love.


[1960, Pune]

—Source: Meher Baba, in The Awakener Magazine, vol. 22, no. 1, p. 66, http://www.theawakenermagazine.org

On Sunday morning, May 23rd, 1965, at ten o’clock, mentioning the current crisis [war between India and Pakistan], Baba stated: “The present warlike activities will be followed by temporary peace. But after two and a half years — the end of November 1967 — there will be the war that will destroy three-fourths of the world. India will be desolated. All countries will suffer untold disaster, but America will survive a little more than the rest of the world. I will then break my silence, after which there will be my Universal Manifestation and the world will come to know Who I am. One year after the breaking of my silence, I will drop my body.”


Later that afternoon, at four o’clock, Baba stated: “I am God in human form. When I break my silence the world will come to know that I am the Avatar of this age. For a short duration there will be increased warlike activities followed by temporary peace. By the end of November 1967, there will be the war that the world has never before witnessed.”

—Source: Lord Meher 19: 6370

Princess Von Brancovan says that Meher Baba told her about a future “armageddon of the soul, where there would be a separation of the wheat and the chaff, and there would be many, many deaths.”


—Source: From an interview by Ira Shader, Glow International, Feb 1986, pp. 22-23

America now leads the material side of the world and yet has such potential that she can lead the world spiritually, if awakened. Awakening is love for God in the form of Jesus — God crucified. And God will do it. He can do it. And now the time is near, very near when the spiritual upliftment has to take place. America is destined to lead the world spiritually.

Truth never fails, and lovers of God will soon triumph. In this country at present, unfortunately, the youth is not taught spirituality. Youth is not even given ethical education. But be sure that these very youths who know not of God, but know only to eat, drink, be merry and do lustful actions, will soon get the shock of their lives and know that loving God is life, real life, the Goal of life.

Source: Bal Natu, Glimpses of the God-Man Meher Baba, vol. 3, p. 42.

[On June 1, 1948] Narayan [Bundellu] asked Baba, “When are You going to manifest?”

Baba smiled in amusement and said, “After hundred years. Don’t worry about My manifestation. Just love Me.”

—Source: Showers of Grace of Avatar Meher Baba on Poona Bhajan Mandali Thade Family and Ahir Family, by Laxmikant Thade



“In December 1963 at Mandali Hall in Meherazad, Baba was gathered with several guests and Mandali when a lover entered the room and sat down. Baba turned to him and said, ‘Be happy, don’t worry, I am the only Reality in this world.’ Then Baba said that once He broke His Silence great waves of people would come to Him. He said, pointing to us, ‘You will then be pushed away by the newcomers.’”

— Source: Quoted from “A Visit to Meherazad, 9th December 1962,” by Kari-Jo Harb, The Awakener Magazine, vol. 9, no. 4, p. 12

In October of 1968 Baba said that before His manifestation some three of his intimate Mandali will pass away. The first one turned out to be dear Kaka, and the second is Dr. William Donkin [on 9 August 1969].

—Mani S. Irani, 82 Family Letters, p. 362.



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