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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

The Whole World Must Be Redeemed

The Whole World Must Be Redeemed

Meher Baba’s words in 1930 as reported by Paul Brunton

Source: The Awakener Magazine, vol. 10, no. 3 (1965 ), pp. 23-25; Paul Brunton, A Search in Secret India (1934), pp. 49-52.

As Jesus came to impart spirituality to a materialistic age, so have I come to impart a spiritual push to present-day mankind. There is always a fixed time for such divine workings, and when the hour is ripe I shall reveal my true nature to the entire world. The great teachers of religion — Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed and Zoroaster — do not differ in their essential doctrines. All these prophets came from God. The chief commandments run through all their teachings like a golden thread. These divine ones came out into public when their help was most needed, when spirituality was at its lowest ebb and materialism was apparently everywhere victorious. Such a time we are fast approaching at present. The whole world is now enmeshed in sensual desires, in racial selfishness and money worship. God is forsaken. True religion is abused; man seeks life and the priests usually give him a stone. God, therefore, must send his true prophet among men once again to establish true worship and to awaken people out of their materialistic stupor. I but follow in the line of those earlier prophets; this is my mission. God has given me a mandate.

The prophets lay down certain rules and regulations to help the masses lead better lives and to incline them towards God. Gradually these rules become the tenets of an organized religion, but the idealistic spirit and motive force which prevail during the founder’s lifetime disappear gradually after his death. That is why organizations cannot bring spiritual truth nearer and why true religion is always a personal concern. Religious organizations become like archaeological departments trying to resuscitate the past. Therefore I shall not attempt to establish any new religion, cult or organization. But I shall rejuvenate the religious thought of all peoples, instill a higher understanding of life into them.

Dogmas invented centuries after the founder’s death frequently differ startlingly. But the fundamentals of all religions are really the same, because all issue from the same source — God. Therefore, when I appear publicly, I shall run down no existing religion, but then I shall not uphold any special one. I want to turn men’s minds away from sectarian differences, so that they will agree on essential truths. Remember, though, that every prophet considers the times, the circumstances and the prevailing mentality of the people before his public manifestation. He therefore preaches doctrines best understood and best suited to such conditions.

Have you not noticed how all the nations have been brought into quick communication with each other during this modem epoch? Do you not see how railways, steamships, telephones, cables, wireless and newspapers have caused the whole world to become a closely-woven unit? An important event which happens in one country is made known within a day to the people of a country ten thousand miles away. Therefore, a man who wishes to deliver an important message can find almost the whole of mankind as a ready audience. For all that there is a sound reason. The time is soon coming to give mankind a universal spiritual belief which shall serve all races of people and all countries. In other words, the way is being prepared to enable me to deliver a world-wide message….

I shall break my silence and deliver my message only when there is chaos and confusion everywhere, for then I shall be most needed, when the world is rocking in upheavals — earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions; when both East and West are aflame with war. Truly the whole world must suffer, for the whole world must be redeemed….

The war will be terrible in its nature because scientific ingenuity will make it more intense than the last war. However, it will last only a short time — a few months — and at its worst I shall make myself publicly known and declare my mission to the entire world. By my material efforts and spiritual powers, I shall speedily bring the conflict to an abrupt end, thus restoring peace to all the nations. Yet great natural changes must take place on this planet simultaneously. Life and property in different parts of the globe will suffer. If I play the role of a messiah it will be because world conditions require it. Be assured that I shall not leave my spiritual work undone.

After the war will come a long era of unique peace, a time of world tranquility. Disarmament will then no longer be a matter of mere talk but an actual fact.

Racial and communal strife will cease; sectarian hatred between religious organizations will come to an end. I shall travel widely throughout the world and the nations will be eager to see me. My spiritual message will reach every land, every town, every village even. Universal brotherhood; peace among men; sympathy for the poor and downtrodden; love of God — I shall promote these things.

My words can only echo the old spiritual truths, but it is my mystic power that will bring a new element into the world’s life…

Once I publicly announce myself as a messiah, nothing will be able to withstand my power….



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