Avatar Meher Baba Manifesting

The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Nilkanth Mast

Prediction from Nilkanth Mast

Source: Excerpt from Christ Come Again, a forthcoming book by Ed Flanagan

There were several advanced souls who strikingly substantiated Baba’s statements pointing to real gross destruction on the planet. One … confirmation came from one of Baba’s masts in the summer of 1958. Baba had begun intense two-hour periods in the morning each day with a very advanced mast named Nilkanth. When Nilkanth was brought to Baba, he was observing silence. But on July 10th, the 33rd anniversary of Baba’s own silence, Nilkanth broke his silence and started talking — sometimes non-stop —in three languages at once. The mandali were barely able to keep up with him or even understand what he was uttering. However, one short sentence they were clearly able to decipher was, “The world is a zero, and in it is God!”

From July 23rd, Nilkanth again began observing silence, using a slate and chalk to communicate — writing in English, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu. But four days later, on July 27th, he again began to talk again, remarking, “Bombs will fall in the north, south and in all directions. Then, man-made world will finish and God-made world will revive.”

The mast used to cook his own food with the help of Baidul, one of the mandali especially and literally gifted by Baba with a sixth sense in seeking out and handling masts. While cooking, Nilkanth would talk to himself, once uttering prophetically in Hindi: “The earth will split! Men will become helpless and shelterless like beasts roaming on a plateau.

“After dying in large numbers men will take rebirth. Man will be compelled to eat grass and leaves. Old human habitations will be wiped out and new ones established. The indigenous languages like Hindi will be replaced by the English language. Rites, rituals and religious ceremonies will be eliminated. A very big cloud will appear.”

Baba confirmed Nilkanth was a mast of the highest caliber — sixth plane of the mental sphere. Whenever Baba visited him, Nilkanth would take special care to offer Baba a seat, saying, “Please sit here.” Once when seated before Baba, he praised him with these Sanskrit verses: “We play with you, we speak with you, we take food with you and we make jokes with you —  all in our ignorance.” The corroboration of these advanced souls [such as Nilkanth] on what would happen as a result of the Avatar’s Manifestation is nothing short of stunning. A few days later, reflecting Nilkanth’s remarks, Baba simply stated, “The Universe will be shaken.”   [Lord Meher, p. 5497].



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Avatar Meher Baba Manifesting