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Space Brothers to the Rescue?

Space Brothers to the Rescue?

by Kendra Crossen
16 March 2010 [Please also read the follow-up to this page, “Space Brothers, Take 2.” It contains the text of 61 Questions and Answers.]

Did Meher Baba predict that space aliens would rescue people from a worldwide catastrophe connected with his Manifestation as Avatar of the age?

Certainly not.

I have pasted in below a posting that appeared under the heading “Meher Baba Book Speaks of Space Aliens” on 14 March 2010 at a site called “Tall White Alien.” (Thanks to Marc Flayton for bringing it to my attention.) The writer states that Meher Baba approved the publication of channeled material along with his own statements, in an appendix to a 1968 booklet published in India, 61 Questions and Answers on Meher Baba, compiled by A. C. S. Chari, Society in West Bengal for Meher Baba, Calcutta. The channeled material, supposedly issuing from “the Christ,” posits an end-time scenario in which ships come from space to rescue people from catastrophe, and apparently Mr. Chari thought this confirmed what Meher Baba had said about the future destruction of three-quarters of the world connected with his Manifestation (see The Final Declaration).

The endnote to page 6321 of Lord Meher (written by Lawrence  Reiter, editor of the biography by Bhau Kalchuri) states: “Before Maud Kennedy heard of Meher Baba, in the 1960s, she belonged to a Christian group called the Universal Link at St. Annes on Sea, led by a clairvoyant woman named Leibe Pugh. This group anticipated ‘the Second Coming of Christ’ and believed Christ to be a ‘Cosmic Being.’ The Universal Link had another group of Christians in Borup, Denmark, and they claimed to receive messages from beings in outer space or some psychic dimension in the universe. In October 1968, a devotee of Meher Baba’s, Judge A. C. S. Chari of Calcutta, with Baba’s permission, published excerpts of the messages from the Universal Link in a pamphlet titled 61 Questions and Answers on Meher Baba. After that, Baba forbade any more talk about beings from outer space or space ships, supposedly indicating that ‘Mankind is not ready for such things. . . .’ Maybe when the Avatar comes back in his next advent as a ‘Master Scientist’ he will explain such mysterious things to us humankind.”

I heard that Harold Rudd had also been interested in the Borup group at some point. But I had been told a different version of the story of the publication, in which the Mandali alerted Baba about the Universal Link appendix, and Baba asked that the Indian publisher remove the material in a revised printing. The second edition was issued in 1969 as 84 Questions and Answers on Avatar Meher Baba (viewable at Issuu.com), without the channeled stuff. I am skeptical of what the writer says below about the material  being removed by Baba-lovers after his death, with its implication that Baba approved it but his followers didn’t. Some people I’ve spoken to agree with that version, while others have heard that Baba did indeed OK it. [Note: The endnote about the Universal Link, as well as the letter from Maud Kennedy to Anthony Brooke that it annotates, has all been removed from the present online revised edition of Lord Meher. —KC, Feb. 2016]

Anyway, here is the post, with its titillating excerpts from the channelings:

Meher Baba Book Speaks of Space Aliens

Source: “Tom Fox” of Lincoln, California, “Tall White Alien” web site (accessed 2010; it seems to have been taken down).

Near the end of Meher Baba’s life, he approved the printing of the book 61 Questions and Answers on Meher Baba which was printed in 1968. Included in the book’s appendices were spiritual transmissions by the Borup Group from Denmark that spoke of a coming global catastrophe caused by man, a tipping of the Earth’s axis, the Second Coming of Christ and a spiritual uplifting of mankind.

The transmissions also spoke of Space Brothers coming to help mankind. His followers, however, found this too controversial, so after Meher Baba left his body, they stopped the book from being printed again. Here are a few brief statements from the transmissions regarding Space Brothers and their Sky Ships:

  • “We have told you we are Brothers from Space who are coming – and brothers always help one another…. However, it will only be possible to help those who want this help themselves.”
  • “There are 18,000 worlds that are inhabited by human beings…. by far most of the planets in the universe are inhabited by living creatures on one kind or another.”
  • “Earth has managed to bring forth a crop of human beings who are sufficiently spiritually developed to make the leap to the level that is now to come. That is why it would be against the Law if Man were to wipe himself out globally and this is why help is now under way…. all of humanity will be able to perceive us as they perceive motor-cars, aeroplanes and the like.”
  • “The contact you will be given from Space will cause you to be totally changed.”
  • “Large parts of humanity will be snatched away from Earth…and then return to the Earth again – to an Earth which we have changed in a way advantageous to Man….We shall come with love….We shall come to all religions of the world, and to all outlooks on life.”
  • It is at this point and at this time that we will come from Space to Man on Earth. Now is the time for our coming and we approach all the people of Earth in order to make them get together united in one, true religious philosophy….In the future, the world will be governed from one place and the Earth will only be governed by people who have achieved full spiritual understanding.”
  • “I have said that the Earth will stand still for one second…the Earth will simply tip over, thereby altering the surface entirely. I have also told you that while this is taking place, great, great parts of humanity will be evacuated up into huge space-ships.”

The writer, Tom, adds: “this info fits with what was shared to me by an abductee friend of mine who was told that mass abductions will occur in June of 2012 due to something major. He said it was telepathic communication and presumed it was some sort of earth change. So the above info makes sense. Notice all the earth quakes. Good luck to all, what a long strange trip it’s been.”

Makes sense?

As the daughter of a science fiction writer, I have a fondness for weird tales. I’ve read dozens of books about UFOs, alien abductions, and the like; I even chanced upon one book written by a Jesuit priest who cited Meher Baba as a false prophet and a sign of the approaching end times! My favorites are the works that compare aliens to the beings of Celtic fairy lore, and Alien Identities by Richard Thompson, which includes Vedic insights into UFO phenomena. However, I take it all with a humongous grain of salt.

The 1968 booklet was first shown to me by Nikos Colias around 1970. When I later asked Lyn Ott in Myrtle Beach what he thought about it, he said:

“If the wonderful space brothers come and offer you a ride, don’t get on!

I like what Lyn said because I don’t believe we need to look for the help of space aliens. We only need to hold on to Baba’s daaman (literally, the hem of his garment). Do not worry about impending global catastrophe. Baba says: “If you find yourselves in a perilous situation, cry out my name loudly. I will then save you. Even if you die, you should know that I have saved you, because my protection is real protection. I always protect my lover” (Lord Meher 4:1276).

In at least two known instances, Meher Baba discouraged his lovers from concern about space ships from other planets:

1) Irene Conybeare:

“At Pimpalgaon, there was an opportunity to ask questions, for Baba was at leisure, without visitors. So now was my chance.

‘Baba!’ I said boldly, ‘Where do the Flying Saucers come from?’

Baba’s face relaxed into a broad smile. ‘I would not answer that question for anybody, but to you only! They do not come from another planet….’

The rest of the answer, I feel, should not be given out at present, but as books are being published to prove that the Saucers come from Venus, etc., this part of the explanation can be given.”

—Irene H. Conybeare, “Notes from a Diary: Pimpalgaon, India, February 1953,” The Awakener Magazine, vol. 1, no. 4 (Spring 1954)

2) Murshida Ivy Duce of Sufism Reoriented

Murshida Duce visited the Museum of Natural History in New York with Meher Baba in 1952, while he was recovering from his first car accident. She wrote:

“As Mehera guided Baba’s wheelchair, I trotted along beside her, and during a lonely stretch of corridor, I leaned over and asked him, “Have any of the people asked you about flying saucers, Baba?”

“Baba gave me a knowing look, which indicated that he suspected that I was interested also. “Yes, two people. I told them that they do not come from other planets.”

—Ivy O. Duce, How a Master Works, p. 128

One of the Mandali (I think it was Bhau) told me that Baba was very annoyed by these questions about UFOs.

Baba indeed said that there is human life on 18,000 planets (as also stated by the Universal Link), but he said that we on our Earth would not make contact with them: “It is not possible to see all the universes and the worlds. They are not visible even with all the modern means. Nor will it be possible for man to reach them or contact them; yet, the scientists will come to know about them” (Lord Meher 18: 6006). However, these humans from other planets eventually reincarnate in our world in order to be spiritual aspirants:

“There are 18,000 worlds in creation which are inhabited, some by human beings with 100% intelligence, others with lesser and varying degrees of it. But the value of our Earth, where mind and heart balance, is inestimable. For it is here and here alone that one can go through the process of involution and experience the Subtle and Mental spheres, here alone that God-realisation can be attained.

“Thus it is that souls (jivatmas) from other inhabited worlds finally take birth on this earth for their emancipation, more so during the Avataric advent when the highest spiritual benefit is gained, and most so when the Avataric manifestation is greatest. Hence the present influx of population on earth is but the natural outcome of the rush of migration from other worlds, and the ones migrating from the worlds of highest intelligence are responsible for carrying science to the peak it has reached today.

“All this has been recurring since timeless ages in a never-ending tide and ebb. Even this Earth expends itself in time, and another earth takes its place. Science will soon come to know a little of what I have said.” —Quoted in T. K. Ramanujam, Much Love (1994), p. 529

Sheela Kalchuri Fenster reports in her book Growing Up with God that as a child she asked Baba lots of questions about the people who incarnated here from other planets, and she says Baba told her how to recognize them (their faces don’t look “normal” and they look “scary,” among other traits).

In 1962, after speaking of the thousands of other planets to Westerners at Guruprasad, Baba added:

“But all this is not meant for you people. It is all useful, though for posterity. For you, it is sufficient to obey me, love me, and hold on to my daaman. Then wherever I am, you will be also. If you were to begin your inward journey, you would also be with me, because I am also there on those journeys. All this is illusory; God alone is real.” —Lord Meher 18: 6006

Postscript, 21 March 2010: I spoke with Phyllis Ott yesterday. She asserts that Baba did indeed OK the inclusion of that Universal Link appendix in the booklet. But she points out that there’s a difference between Baba’s saying “OK” to the publisher’s request and Baba himself telling someone to do something. Yet Phyllis adds: We [Baba-lovers] are eschatologists!”



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