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The Avataric Period

The Avataric Period: How Long Is It? (according to Eruch)

In the page titled “The 100-Year Avataric Period,” it is explained that Meher Baba said there is a special period of 100 years’ duration after the manifestation of the Avatar on earth, during which the force of his presence is felt just as it was when he was in the body. However, note the following comments by Eruch Jessawala cited by Rick Chapman in a recent book of his.

Rick writes:

Baba has stated that after His physical death He will remain “as if physically present” for a hundred years “and a little more”—in other words, according to Eruch, who interpreted Baba’s gestures to this effect, about 125 years. (Baba has indicated that His next Advent will be within approximately seven hundred years from the time of His current Advent. He has said that whenever the time between Advents is closer to fourteen hundred years—which represents the high end of the interval between Advents—then His Avataric Presence continues for about two hundred years, “and a little more.”)


Source: Rick M. Chapman, Following Meher Baba: A Handbook for Baba-lovers in the New Humanity (Berkeley, Calif.: The White Horse Publishing Co., 2014), p. 252.



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