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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Ken Lux – Mystery of the Manifestation

The Mystery of the Manifestation: New Publication!

by Kenneth Lux

Now available at the Sheriar Foundation Bookstore is a revised and updated version of Ken’s previous (2005) booklet on the important matter of Meher Baba’s breaking his silence (titled Has Meher Baba Told Us When He Will Break His Silence?).

The title of this new booklet is The Mystery of the Manifestation: Suddenism, Gradualism, and Nihilism.

Meher Baba’s Manifestation is truly a mystery, and needs to be appreciated in that light. Baba made many and repeated statements about breaking his silence and releasing the Word of words. This Word is what the world desperately needs to emerge from its present overwhelming crisis, which exists on all fronts. But Meher Baba dropped the body (died) in 1969 apparently without breaking his silence in a way that corresponded to his statements about it. So this creates the mystery.

This new small book examines that mystery in detail and presents three possible resolutions of it that are reflected in the subtitle of the book. People who relate to Meher Baba as a teacher or a spiritual authority or as the Avatar of the age will find this book engaging them in the challenging process of seeing which one of these possibilities best fits their outlook on the mystery of breaking the silence and giving out the Word.

Are you a Suddenist, a Gradualist, or a Nihilist? Or even none of the above? Whatever your answer to the challenge of the booklet, your understanding of this world-critical issue will have taken a big step forward.

Please see also Ken’s Postscript to “The Mystery of the Manifestation.”



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