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The only planet where wine and song exist

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Excerpt from Bhau Kalchuri’s Avatar of the Age Meher Baba Manifesting:

The physical universe of creation is the seventh shadow of God, and there are innumerable universes of millions and millions of planets in the universe. There are some universes where all seven stages of evolution are developed, and there are some universes where the stages of evolution are still developing.

There are 18,000 planets in the physical universe where human habitation is found. Out of these 18,000 worlds of human beings, some of the planets are inhabited by humans with one hundred percent intellect, and on some of the planets the human beings have seventy-five percent intellect and twenty-five percent heart. On these 18,000 worlds the human intellect is developed to the most extreme extent, and intellect is the only basis of life.

Earth holds a unique position in the physical universe. The earth is the only planet where wine and song exist. Earth is the closest planet to the creation point, or OM point, where consciousness emerges out of unconsciousness. Wine and song are available only on earth, so there is full scope for the heart qualities to develop and for the process of involution to occur.

The other planets where humanity has evolved are utterly dry of wine and barren of singing. Since there is no wine or song, the heart qualities or feeling capacities of these other human beings are not developing. These humans of intellect have no taste for wine and no inclination for song. Since these humans have no heart faculty, there is no spirituality or spiritual aspiration. Through the intellect the play of the seventh shadow of God — the physical forces in the universe — entices these 18,000 worlds.

It has not been revealed whether these humans of the intellect communicate among themselves through interplanetary travel, but it has been revealed by Avatar Meher Baba that they do not physically communicate with the human beings on earth. To develop the heart capacity they must reincarnate on earth, and millions have done so during this century.

Earth is the one spiritual planet in the physical universe, because it is the only planet where human beings have an equal portion of intellect and heart. Involution occurs only on this planet, and that is why the seven thousand members of the spiritual hierarchy are found living here. God incarnates as the Avatar only on this earth; the Avatar does not physically visit the other 18,000 worlds of humanity.

Earth is where the five Perfect Masters are always found, where the God-intoxicated masts are found, and where the yogis and saints are found. An individual human being can become a lover of God only on earth, because only here is he offered the wine of love and the song that arises from spiritual intoxication.

Earth is truly the most blessed planet, and we human beings living here are truly the most blessed, for it is here that an individual human being can actually feel the presence of God, can actually develop his inner eye and see God, can actually shed all sanskaric impressions and become one with God. Only on earth can one encounter fifty-six human beings who are actually God in human form. When these fifty-six human beings talk, it is God talking; when they touch, it is God touching; when they meet other human beings, it is God Personified meeting these people.

Truly we are most blessed who live on earth, for God descends on this planet age after age, and he brings with him increasingly more wine and song every time he comes. Only because of the Avatar is it possible for human beings to recognize the Reality.





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