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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Aloba (Ali Akbar Shapurzaman)

Aloba (Ali Akbar Shapurzaman)

Source: Excerpt from a tape-recorded interview by Naosherwan Anzar, transcribed in the Glow. This was from an issue of the 1980s but I am missing the page that gives the date. —Kendra


Meher Baba had declared in December 1945, “I am going to retire in my crypt under the dome on the hill at Meherabad from 1st January 1946 for spiritual relaxation for an indefinite period.” Baba left his physical body on January 31, 1969. By saying “to relax in the Tomb,” Baba clearly means to come back soon (and not after 700 years at his next Advent). I am fully confident that Beloved Baba will physically come back soon and at the right time. In May 1943 Baba declared, “The tree of my Divine Manifestation is to be planted at Meshhed (Iran), whence it will grow and spread, ultimately covering the whole world.”

In one of his messages Meher Baba has declared, “I will break my silence when the East and the West both are aflame from the fires of war.” In another message Meher Baba said, “I will break my silence and speak to the world when the world has become humbled and is ready to hear.”

There is a great belief in the whole Islamic world and the Muslims firmly believe that the expected Hazrat-e Saheb-e-Zamaan [the Ruler of Time] or Imam Mehdi [the Divinely Guided One] will manifest or reappear (zohoor) throughout the world. In the same way, the Zoroastrians expect the arrival or manifestation of the expected Shah Bahram-Varjavand. The Christians expect the second Advent of Christ. The Hindus expect the coming of Kalki Avatar.

They do not realize that all these personalities are one, and Meher Baba is all of them. The world’s heated events show that someone who is capable of stopping them [the events], i.e., a Divine Personality, is going to appear soon to save humanity and stop the total world destruction. Meher Baba will appear in the midst of great suffering of humanity and great world destruction. The moment he breaks his silence, war will stop and the tides of destruction will recede. Peace will come. Joy will come. This world will be reconstructed with good hearts, permanent peace, and brotherly and sympathetic feeling among mankind.

I remember once in Guruprasad (Pune) Meher Baba, in the presence of his Mandali and a few others, said, “I will manifest physically in one thousand places at a time all over the world.”

Avatar Meher Baba in his first discourse, “Avatar,” which appeared in volume 1, number 1, of Meher Baba Journal dated November 1938, clearly indicated the moment when he would break his silence. In this, his first discourse, Beloved Baba declared to the world all the important points regarding his worldwide manifestation and breaking of his silence.



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