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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Eruch Recalled by Daniel Ladinsky

Eruch, 1969. Photo by Kendra Crossen Burroughs

“That Is Baba’s Manifestation”

Daniel Ladinsky—author and interpreter of Hafiz and other mystical poets—writes to us from Taos, New Mexico, on July 29, 2020:

Someone recently asked me if I felt the Covid-19 Virus was part of Baba’s Manifestation. And I responded in part after a rather long day in the trenches of dealing with a publisher on some new titles I have been fiddling with. But woke today with more I could say about that, which is:

On one of my stays at Meherazad, during Pilgrim Season, I was in the Hall with Eruch and the topic about Baba’s Manifestation came up. And I remember I was a bit irked by Eruch’s reply, as I felt he was just playing patty-cake with the person, and could have really said something deeper and more true.

Later that night I sat with Eruch for an hour while he got his nightly massage and had the paper read to him, and I could have brought up my “irk-ness,” as he had told me I could always ask him anything at this time of the night. But he had “irked” me many times before like this, with other patty-cake I saw him do and I had to eat, in being a witness too! And I decided to just let it be, add it to my file.

But then when walking the next morning with Eruch, this happened:

Two young schoolboys passed us with their arms interlocked, and they were bumping against each other, and singing and looked so happy. And when they got a few feet from us, Eruch says to me:

“That is Baba’s Manifestation.”

I was very struck by that. And did not respond for maybe a minute, then said: “Do you mean their love for each other and their happiness?” And Eruch said, “Yes.” Then added, “Is not love and happiness much older than Meher Baba’s name?”

Then Eruch said, “His Manifestation is eternal and is synonymous with existence. Baba is the Divine Rose that forever opens. And when one, like those two boys, gets even the tiniest scent of God … one is happy, and one sings within with thanks, or sings out with their heart interlocked with the sky.”

Well, I was rather stunned by what Eruch said. Really kind of swooning in that a bit. And then Eruch grounded me, in what I thought was the sweetest way, by saying: “Are you still mad at me?”







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