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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

H.P. Bharucha

H.P. Bharucha

Dr. Hoshang Bharucha made several predictions about the breaking of Baba’s silence. Although the dates he predicted have come and gone, his reminiscences and commentary about the destruction of three-quarters of the world, the “event that has never happened before,” and other points are worth hearing on this talk:


Dr. Bharucha says, among other things:

• that he “knows” (“Don’t ask me why”) that Baba will break His silence on 1st January—but he cannot say the year!

• that Baba always asked Kaikobad to pray to God to help Baba to break His silence on 10th July.

• that Baba told Margaret Craske that when He breaks His silence the whole world will reverberate with His love for seven minutes and then the destruction will happen.

• that Baba said He would go into seclusion for 40 days, His body would be reduced to a reed, and then He would break His silence. (This is similar to what Baba told Dr. Donkin.)

• that Baba said His was the only Avataric advent in which the world would know about His Avatarhood during His physical presence.


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