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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Irwin Luck

Irwin Luck: Three Quarters of the World

It came down from the Highest of the High.

Three quarters of the world would be destroyed

Mankind & Angels trembled when they heard this news.

From you. The sustainer of all things.

Who would be saved on that fateful day?

What did this declaration mean?

Was this the great judgment long foretold?

The separation of the good from the bad?

Like the chaff from the wheat.

When the Compassionate Father saw the fear and worry

racing through so many minds he gave His clarification.

3 quarters of the world’s ignorance would be destroyed.

Was this the annihilation

of three quarters of the worlds misery.

Three quarters of the fear, dread, sorrow, pain,

and the many plagues

mental, emotional and physical

that has haunted mankind for ages?

Oh Divine savior of mankind.

You came not to destroy us

for our weaknesses and ignorance.

But to enlighten us.

To bring a golden age

of Love and Truth for all.

To take us out of a dark age.

The world does not need more death and destruction

but more life and love.

You are the great awakener.

You who are behind every heart and mind.

You are the destroyer

of the underpinnings of separateness. It is crumbling.

Man and God are no longer divided.

This is the Truth that sets us free.

Love always,

Irwin Luck

February 25, 2010

Source: This poem is in Irwin’s volume of Story Poems, Book 1, pp, 24-25. For more info see his site or email him at opfd22@gmail.com

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