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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Jay Mohler

A Dream of the Far-Distant Future

by Jay Mohler

Has anyone run across a statement from Baba that “a time will come when the population of the earth is so low that a person would walk for days before running across another person”?

I can’t remember where I read or heard this statement, but a couple of months ago I had a dream that took place in such a time. It’s been coming back to me daily, and has been a comfort to me in this time where great environmental destruction is in the news and oil lapping shorelines all too close to home.

In the dream, at first, I am somewhere inland from the USA Atlantic coast, and everywhere is woods … all signs of former civilization is overgrown and gone back to nature. I’m alone, and on a quest to find the location where the Meher Spiritual Center used to be, and I’ve heard that there are people living in that area who know the spot and lead people to it. Over a period of some days, going from one very small group of individuals to another, I find these people, three or four living in a very simple lean-to in the woods, and one of them walks with me a few miles to a clearing in the woods, a meadow like spot with a few trees scattered about, and says this clearing is just outside where the entrance to the Center used to be. Looking towards the Center, the woods is very dense with trees, bushes and vines, so I just stand in the clearing and gaze into what is believed to be the Center grounds. There is a very beautiful feeling to it all.

Source: Posted to the Baba-Talk Listserv 20 June 2010.



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