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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Jim Migdoll

Baba’s Silence

Jim Migdoll

When attempting to fathom Baba’s Silence I find the most critical issue seems to be ignored or forgotten.  We have the accounts of Eruch and Bhau regarding two incidents that occurred just before Baba left His Body, which seem to support  His having broken His silence. And we have hundreds of statements that Baba made about His silence. In my opinion; the “elephant in the room” is the Clarification of His Final Declaration: Regarding the “3 languages” — His language, our language, and both simultaneously.

I once had a delightful argument/discussion with Dr. Hoshang Bharucha. Dr. Bharucha seemed to consider himself an authority/expert on Baba’s Silence.  As we were discussing it he brought forth a number of Baba’s statements to support his argument for Baba’s not having broken His silence. I began to challenge these by pointing out how we couldn’t know for sure which of the 3 languages Baba was using in each statement. That’s when he said, “But that information about the 3 languages only applied to the Final Declaration.” I replied, “No — it was a general statement regarding anything Baba ‘said.’” No it wasn’t. Yes it was! We went on like a couple of little kids for a minute. Finally he says, “Show me.”

From the Clarification to the Final Declaration:

Everyone is free to interpret my words in any way they think and feel. But one thing I tell you, that whenever I say a thing, I naturally use my own, “language” and whatsoever is said by me is truth. But my “language” is such that none can understand or grasp the underlying meaning of what I say; therefore, when I want to say a thing I have simultaneously to make use of your language also, knowing well that you would understand nothing whatsoever if I were to make use of my “language” alone.

Baba says, “whenever I say a thing” … and again “therefore, when I want to say a thing”…

I felt I’d won the argument! Baba goes on in the Clarification to specify which language He had used for some of the more disturbing points (three quarters of the world being destroyed … the stab in the back, etc.).

In conclusion: If we take both what Eruch and Bhau have related about Baba’s literally breaking His silence,  and then look at those events in light of all the things that Baba “said” about His silence, and the timing of its breaking — in light of His 3 languages —  it all becomes moot. Not to mention, that if I’d spent the half hour it’s taken to write this, instead meditating on His photo or repeating His Name aloud or offering to help a neighbor do some gardening! ….I might be listening right now to “the voice that is heard deep within the soul.”

For nearly 41 years no word has passed my lips. Yet I am never silent. I speak eternally. The voice that is heard deep within the soul is my voice … the voice of inspiration, of intuition, of guidance. Through those who are receptive to this voice, I speak.

A final off-the-wall (or maybe profound?) explanation comes from a dear friend, Paul Wylde (since passed away). We were discussing some of the more “outrageous” things that Baba “said,” like that when He broke His silence something would happen that hadn’t happened in billions of years, or the three quarters of the world destruction and so on.

Paul said, “Yeah, but He [meaning the Avatar in His various Incarnations] always says stuff like that … but He never does it”! Tricia just reminded me that Paul added, “He’s the Avatar. He can do anything — including changing his Mind.”



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