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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Manyness or Oneness: The Battle at Our Doorstep

by R. William Davies [pen name of Ron Davis]

Source: From chapter 2 of Meher Baba’s Breaking of His Silence and Manifestation: A Theory about Living in His Manifestation by R. William Davies (2018).


We are living in Meher Baba’s Manifestation. The world order is about to change. The key factor driving this change is diversity. Over the course of human history, diversity has resulted in the rule of “manyness.” Diversity tells us that we are different from one another. These differences lead us to see one another with a separation between. This separation results in us becoming judgmental towards one another. These judgments have created a world where we see one another as being good or bad, friend or enemy, powerful or weak, and a thousand other comparisons. It has resulted in us fighting, hating and minimalizing the humanity of those that are different from us. It has filled our hearts with anger, hatred, prejudice and malice towards others.

This world is about to end. Meher Baba’s Manifestation has set in motion the coming of a New Humanity. The basis of this new human society will come through the rule of “oneness.” Oneness takes away the separation of diversity and brings it all under one umbrella. We are all one humanity living and sharing our world with one another. This requires us to become open-minded and respectful of others who look, think and act differently from ourselves. This oneness must be all-inclusive.

As Baba Lovers, this coming battle is already arriving at our doorstep. Our first test will be in how we deal with the diversity within ourselves. Each of us has built a personal relationship with Baba that simultaneously is both shared and different. As our Baba community grows and as the passage of time further removes us from Baba’s direct living contact, this diversity will grow within us. The important issue for us, as Baba Lovers, is to bring our own diversity together under one Baba umbrella. We can easily turn on ourselves and break down into schism, separation and intolerance. If this occurs, “manyness” wins. As Baba Lovers, we must remember that all paths lead to Baba. Some are fast and straight, some are slower and filled with many twists and turns, but all lead to Baba. When we allow “manyness” into our hearts, it is only our sanskaras talking. Maya is playing its tricks upon us. Manyness is the illusion. We are all one.

The history of the religions that have grown out of the lives of our previous Avatars begins with the creation of their “holy scripture.” These are the official words of that Avatar and become the “Word of God.” Certain individuals will step forward and place interpretations upon these “words” and will set forth religious practices, rituals and moral codes that will govern the religion’s form. Once in place, it identifies those of the religion as “us” and those outside the religion as the “others.” From there the “manyness” game begins.

As Baba Lovers, we must keep an open mind and a tolerance towards change. During this period of Baba’s Manifestation, we must know that anything that happens anywhere has his hand upon it. All things good, bad or indifferent are his work. This work is leading us towards the coming of his “New Humanity.” Our responsibility as his lovers is to prepare for the “oneness” that will bring all humanity together into his One.


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