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Mirek’s First Letter

Mirek’s First Letter to Daniel Sanders, Transcript Excerpts

[Very minor editing, in the punctuation, has been done to this letter. Please see the introduction to Mirek’s visions if you have not yet read it. —Editor]

12th of July 2011

I am only too glad to share with you all that Beloved Baba has revealed to me concerning both His Universal and Individual Manifestation (for both of these are unfolding . . . and ‘the keys’ to the former lie within the latter!). Mine began in my teens—in 1966—and has continued to this day. And ‘holding’ all that Baba has revealed and all that I have realized as a result of what He has revealed, within and through My-Self, has destroyed my body and health.

This is why I state that “I’m only too glad” to share it all with you—though I realize you have no realization of what you are asking! But ‘my body-self’ is already shuddering at the prospect of re-entering this continuum “Vision.”

I do not expect you to believe all I tell you…But I do expect you to remain ‘open’ to what I reveal—if only out of respect for the pains it takes my frail and fragile body to put it down on paper. If you remain ‘open in Baba’s Love,’ then the truth within them will reveal itself. And the Truth You Are (as We All Are) will recognize-realize it!

I spent long and torturous years in the wilderness with My Lord and Beloved Baba because I believed I was mad-crazy…at the very least, deluded. Because even before I knew Baba’s Name (externally), He spoke within me…to me. And what He said and showed me, thrilled my Being and Soul!

I experienced Bliss…He showed me how Creation came about and how it functions…I stood before God and gazed upon His Most Beautiful All-Blissfully Knowing-Loving Face. And to my amazement, GOD spoke to me with a humour I could never have imagined.

This, in itself, is part of The Universal Manifestation. For when the Avatar-Christ “speaks” The “WORD” again, Everything Will Change!

A “NEW NEED” has arisen with Beyond-Beyond God…something unimaginable…unprecedented…beyond understanding! (This is why the Spiritual Hierarchy, in the 30’s, “turned against Baba” when He revealed to them what He had come to ‘bring in.’ And this doesn’t surprise me at all. I, too, would have remonstrated: “but you can’t do this!”)

The Avatar-Christ IS “The WORD”!!

So…let’s return to the wilderness, where I lived until the early 90’s with my Lord and Beloved God, Meher Baba—the Avatar-Christ. And I accepted I was mad-crazy and deluded…And yet, what indescribably delightfully wondrous revelations He gave me! How intimate and loving His Love for me was!

Every day, I’d ask him: “Why reveal all this to me? Why speak to me of such things? I’m nobody…”a maggot in your stool” (Sai Baba’s words).

Then I wrote a poem—a heavily disguised one—about the time I saw GOD’S Face…”Before I Saw Your Face.” I was living in France then with my family.

Within a few weeks, I was no longer in the wilderness…the whole Baba-world knew of me…and I was in Mandali Hall reading it—and other poems to all the Mandali. I don’t even know how all this came about. And for the first time I had Don Stevens, Mani, Bhau, Bal Natu, Mansari, etc., telling me I was not mad-crazy or deluded!! That this was “Baba directly speaking to me.” Now I knew I was in Big Trouble!

Within a year, I had no more family or home in France…no home anywhere. Baba gave me Himself as Home—literally and actually. Every Baba-lover’s dream and longing…but have you any notion what the price of this is?!! Recently my second wife, my beloved Fiona, died in my arms…from a rare facial cancer, which devoured her whole face and inner arms…everyone kept ‘a safe distance,’ as it was unimaginably horrific—I had to scrape out the inside of her mouth of cancer every day, so she could breathe and the doctor wouldn’t—couldn’t do it. ..THIS WAS ALL BELOVED BABA. Baba actually came and lived with us…I know no one believes me! So sad. Because this is His NEW COVENANT with us.

Fiona’s last weeks, here in bed where I am now writing to you (I spend most of my day in bed), were the happiest of my life—and hers. Baba took away the pain—and manifested as Love…Living Love.

Anyway, I’ve written this simply to say something about myself and ‘my credibility.’ For you do not know me. I’m neither mad-crazy nor deluded. Furthermore, whatever I reveal-tell to you, I can give you a spiritually-scientific explanation. It’s just that it takes pages and pages and pages.

Verily, as Baba says: “God is most simple…” But that which is truly simple, is indescribably complex!

…visions are not just images one sees—but have to be experienced (in part, lived). This is also my experience in all visions. Don Stevens called them “realizations”—for they are this. Self-realisations…thus they have an individual and collective (universal) meaning. And one’s job is firstly to discriminate between the two. Which most people do not—and it becomes a mess!

On an individual basis, Baba is already Manifesting—and in a few, has already Manifested. These are ‘the stormtroopers” of the Spiritual Realm. The framework and scaffolding.

Bliss is not what Baba (God) has come to give us. Bliss, at best, can be said to be “God’s substance.” God doesn’t experience Bliss…this is separative perception. GOD IS BLISS. GOD’S ‘IS’ IS BLISS!!

Baba has come to give ALL the experience of “Oneness,” as He calls it.

“Oneness” is actually an experience of the Fifth Plane of Consciousness!!

All experiences of Oneness below the Fifth Plane are false. (If you were here, I could prove this to you in spiritually scientific terms, Daniel.)

I could tell you so much about [the] Fifth Plane and its great significance. Why Jesus was Crucified (Fourth Plane)…and how Jesus became “our bridge” across the Terrifying Abyss between (of) the Fourth and Fifth Planes of Con. [consciousness] Baba said in [the] 20’s: “I have come to complete what Jesus began!” AMEN! Truth itself. We have no idea what a time we live in!!! (I’m weeping now! GOD LOVES US SO MUCH.)

When Baba had his first Manzil in Dadar, Bombay, a Mast had ‘his seat’ across the road from it. One day, the Mast told one of Baba’s to-be-followers (referring to Baba): “I can see He is a truly Great Spiritual Being…And He has come to make everyone a Wali (Saint—or, at least, Fifth Planer)…which is quite unbelievable…but if He says He can, He must be able to do this!” [Or words to this effect.]

This is the true meaning of Baba’s “oneness”! For the Fifth Plane of Consciousness is the first time one can perceive one’s sanskaric composite-makeup objectively. Until then, one cannot. Read St. John of the Cross’s Dark Night of the Soul…this relates the terrible tale of crossing the Great Abyss between [the] Fourth and Fifth Planes. (Of which Baba, purposefully, says almost zero in God Speaks. Because no “guidance” can be given in words—He has to personally guide each one of us across. It’s HELL on wheels! And PURE ECSTASY.)

I’ll just say: Many ‘clues’ and ‘keys’ to Baba’s Universal (and Individual) Manifestation are in His two automobile accidents. Every single detail is a “living clue-key”!


13th of July 2011

Baba showed me some years ago that both His automobile accidents are literally littered with ‘clues’ and ‘keys’—and very specific-detailed ones—as to all “The New” the Avatar-Christ is bringing in through what we refer to as “His Manifestation.”

Did you know that this Advent is living itself reversely or backwardly? Baba Himself said this in 1954. This means that the “Full-Manifestation” in this Advent will come sooner, rather than later—as in previous ones. (Again, I can explain this at great length…but it will take pages and pages.)

Did you know that Meher Baba was ‘destined’ to drop His Physical Form in 1979 (Baba told Bhau this)? But because Creation was-is in such a desperate “NEED” for His work to start being manifested, He dropped His Physical Form in 1969…10 years earlier. Because “the Avatar’s Work (Love)” can only be “released” from His Physical Form after He “drops” it. After 1979, the Avatar “froze” Time…so that the Collective Human Ego could have all its ‘wanting’ fulfilled. Which is a vital key to the Manifestation. Baba speaks of this at length in Discourses…that this time, in this Advent, He is unable to forgive us—as He did in previous ones. That in order for the New Age and New Life to establish itself, it is imperative-essential for the ego-self to fully realize that all its wanting is nothing into nothing…and realizing this, it must fall to its knees and implore God’s forgiveness and help.

(Mansari, over the years, told me this same thing…that Baba would tell her this when He visited her in her kitchen.) This is one of the essential keys to understanding “His Manifestation” and “God’s Cosmic or Universal NEED.” It is a prerequisite of “His Manifestation.” The New Age/New Humanity will not just happen naturally, but have to be made to happen.

How He is going to do it, in each and every Being, is as simple as it is complex.

Baba showed it to me over several years…He made me ‘experience and live’ it. And it was murder!—as I had to experience-live it consciously.

This is another essential KEY to “His Manifestation.” The New Age can only be ‘entered’ consciously. Each one of us will be “purged” according to their sanskaric composite. The process will be the same—which I will explain, in a moment. But the form will be different for each one.

The shape of a house is no accident or coincidence—

mirek house 1

It consists of “lower” house2 and upper house3self.

(Baba speaks of it in Discourses.)

In this age, all the properties of the house are fully ‘awoken.’ (Potentially.)

What was once only accessible to the Spiritually Advanced, Baba is making accessible to all who survive the Devastation.

When the Avatar-Christ “SPEAKS”—The “WORD”—the same and one “WORD” He spoke to bring about Creation…THE “WORD” that HE “IS”…(LOVE) [God = Truth. Love is Truth in Action.]

(I’ve written pages and pages on this…and also how this will affect-alter the Avatar-Christ’s relationship with Maya-Creation (Mehera), thus manifesting the New Age and Humanity.)

Instantaneously, in each Human Being (symbolized by ‘house’), one of the basic foundation- or corner-stones in each Human Being will be “pulled out” and “removed.” This will occur on an Inner and Sanskaric level. This will cause the whole of “the limited-self” to come tumbling down.

One’s entire ‘personality’ and ‘self-identity’ based on one’s beliefs. It is horrific! I’ve experienced it. The worst Hell imaginable!

Everything one believed (thought) one was and is and will be—will CRASH. And one will be thrown into nothingness—Buddha’s “nirvana.”

One will scream and scream—but it will do no good!! Three-fourths of the World’s population will go insane—and die. I.e.,  they will sever all connections with their body and mind and “get out”…Return to God—who will, over a period of time, heal and ‘reorient’ them.

Note: The majority of people in the world today…will not be able to hold this “inner crossing of limited-self.” But this is God’s Gift to them…through this horrific experience, they will gain “heart awakening.” Which would normally take them lifetimes to attain. Thus, this is a Great Love Gift to them from Beloved God.

What about the rest of us—we who believe in Meher Baba or another form of His incarnation? For us—it will be “a living moment”…a Love Gift from God…for we will be forced to actualize our love for Baba (the Avatar-Christ)…for God.

Mere conceptual belief in Baba and God will not “hold” us. It will not be enough.

Everyone (ALL) will experience “Oneness,” even those who go insane and die. GOD’S LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL.  But how much of it we will hold, will depend on how our House (Self) has been built. (Baba says the same.) Because this is what “His Manifestation” and the New Age-New Humanity is all about: a progression from “the conceptual” to “the actual.”

E.g., God will no longer be a conceptual belief, sustained by conceptual faith—but love for God will be a living experience/realization…”an actuality.”

When we are all thrown into “the nothingness” and we call out to Baba for help, He will not come.

Yet we will be aware—know He is there.

We will dog-paddle wildly in the darkness…drowning, yet unable to drown.

We will call out to Baba, saying: ‘But I loved and believed in you, when few did! I gave up so much for you!’

We will see Him smile lovingly. But He will not come and save us.

This may go on for days, weeks and months—for Time will not exist.

Until, exhausted, empty, our limited-mind gradually stops its endless thinking (wanting)…and with this, we will see our limited-self dying and becoming nothingness.

Then, when we are truly empty of ‘self’…a tear will naturally form itself in our eyes and naturally roll down our cheek.…

And only then will we see Beloved God.

And when we see Him, we will weep long and fully…like a child in simple wonder before the perfectly simple and natural Love that He Is.


We shall Feel-Know His Love and realize that Love is all God has ever wanted from us.

And then, we will not look to our ‘self-identity’ (or mind) to find our-self…but realize that Who We Are has always been within Our Own Being.

And we will dive deeply within our own Being—for many this will be their first ever experience and time… And in utter humility, we shall say to God: “Help me!” And then, Baba will be instantly by us…smiling like the Sun of All Suns, yet in the form of the Most Beautiful and Perfect Boy.

And we will be so amazed…and embrace Him with tears of bliss.

And we will taste of His Living Truth and Living Love—i.e., we will, to some degree, know and experience Him.

The account is a little poetical…but the foundations are factual and truthful.

This is what’s coming…and has already begun for-in some. So love Him now…actualize Him now! (I have “seen” the above, Daniel…this is most truth-fully an UNPRECEDENTED Age!)

Let’s return to 1952, Prague…to Baba’s first automobile accident. Let us turn to Mehera’s memory of it (Mehera-Maya-Creation-Illusion).

To the end of her life, all Mehera remembered of the automobile accident—as it was taking place—is of Baba (who was in the front seat) turning around to her and asking: “Are you all right, Mehera?” He did this three times…and on the last time, asking, “Are you sure you’re all right?”

She had no memory at all of what really happened, or of her injuries.

I believe (Baba has shown me) that this is how He will “shield” those—during the Devastation—who are destined to remain in the world and continue His work (i.e., hold the Spiritual Energy), during the initial hell stage. They will remain unaffected.

Mehera suffered head injuries…to the front of her head—the seat of the limited-self. Her skull was cracked (limited-mind). Baba is going to “crack” Illusion.

“Punch a hole into the First Plane of Consciousness,” as Bhau wrote in Avatar of the Age Meher Baba Manifesting.

Up to now, we have been “cut-off” from the Inner Planes—except for the advanced. But all this is about to change. Our “long exile”—since Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden—is coming to an end. And the effect-result of this is inconceivable! We are about to be Spiritually Born!!

The demands-requisite-need of the New Age-New Humanity (the New Life is different slightly, as it is an inner journey alone…and relates to the New Covenant [Relationship] with God) is such…that Baba will have to give God-realization and Mukti to many, who do not deserve it or won it, simply to get them out of Creation! Because they will “interfere” with the New Sanskaric Structure of the New Age. Imagine this!

The Heart-awakening (Consciousness), which is the sole purpose of this Earth, has been forgotten…Unconsciousness prevails. It’s not enough to merely “believe in God”! Baba told us this time and time again—in His way. We have to live God…actualize Him through ourselves in every way. This is Heart-awakening. This is Love! (Full-Consciousness.)



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