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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Mirek’s Vision #1

Mirek’s Vision 1

From text messages sent by Mirek Popowicz to Daniel Sanders in September 2011. Please see the main page “Mirek’s Visions” for an introduction to this material.

Note from Daniel: I interpret the occasional X’s in the passage as signs of Mirek’s loving nature and perhaps the love he was feeling from Baba during his experience.

My dear Dan—Last Saturday, driving the 13 miles back from the Supermarket, I had the most terrifying-incredible-blissful experience of the Devastation when Baba Speaks and of the NEW DAY and NEW AGE and NEW SELF! The NEW DAY will be so beautiful, Dan . . . the NEW SELF so consciously within God! But above all, when I was going through the terrifying devastation (Baba actually made it happen as I drove) His Living Presence just took over, in such a Real Way that the terror-horror became Unreal. “Illusion exposed”! I felt so safe that after several minutes, I was laughing. Experiencing, through His Living Presence, that Only He Existed and that He was myself. And thus I was imperishable! HE TOOK OVER . . . TOLD ME WHAT TO DO, etc., then after some 12 minutes, I drove out “the devastation” into a most perfect day—in a split second! Baba’s Pleasure was so boundless . . . so infectious as He revealed to me that, let’s say it this way, THAT ONE OF THE MAIN SANSKARAS THAT HAD BEEN OBSTRUCTING THE EMERGENCE OF THE NEW HUMANITY HAD NOW BEEN CLEARED. THOSE WHO LOVE BABA-GOD AND LONG TO KNOW HIM, FOR HIS SAKE, HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT CONCERNING “THE DEVASTATION.” THEY WILL “SEE AND HEAR” ONLY BABA, AS MEHERA DID IN 1952 CAR ACCIDENT. BABA’S LIVING PRESENCE WILL HOLD-SUSTAIN THEM IN THE MOST WONDERFUL WAY, MAKING WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM AS TOTALLY UNREAL. X. Pray to Baba, as often as you can with all your heart, Dan . . . Pray: SPEAK, BABA, SPEAK, SPEAK! SPEAK—NOW! YOU MUST SPEAK NOW. THE WHOLE OF CREATION NEEDS YOU TO SPEAK—NOW! X. Give all living hope! IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ALL KNOW HE IS LOVE, DAN! X. Most lovingly, XXX. Mirek.

This is too much. Saturday, my experience in car was 15th September . . . on 15th September 1931, at East Challacombe, I’ve just found, BABA REVEALED FOR FIRST TIME HE WAS THE AVATAR! X.

Rectify last text, my experience started 15th . . . on Thursday, went through to Saturday—Sunday. On 18th September 1931, Baba said “no medium or third party are necessary to take one to the Goal”!! X.



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