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The Breaking of Meher Baba's Silence

Narayan Maharaj


During this period (August 1941) Sadguru Narayan Maharaj came to a suburb of Bombay to give darshan to his devotees there. Nariman, Arnavaz, Nargis, Rhoda and Bachamai Dadachanji decided to pay their respects to the Sadguru, and went to see him. Inside, they were taken before Narayan Maharaj, who was seated on a chair, surrounded by a group of devotees. Narayan spoke to them in Gujarati, asking where they had come from and various other questions.

After some minutes of conversation, Arnavaz wanted to see Narayan Maharaj’s reaction to, or comments about, Meher Baba. She broached the topic: “You know, Narayan, my paternal uncle (Chanji) is staying with Meher Baba.”

“Oh, is that so?” he remarked.

“He has been staying with him for the last twenty years in his ashram.”

“Where is his ashram?”


After some moments, Narayan said, “They say he does not speak. . . .”

“Yes, that’s right,” Arnavaz answered.

“Why not?”

“You should know, Narayan.”

After some moments, Narayan said, “You should make him speak! Why don’t you make him speak?”

Arnavaz didn’t know what to say to this, so she kept quiet. Narayan then said:

 “Make him speak with the intensity of your love!”

—Source: Bhau Kalchuri, Lord Meher, 1st ed., vol. 7, pp. 2702-03


Commentary by Jonathan Burroughs:

Narayan’s exhortation coincides with the circumstances surrounding the origins of the Meher Spiritual Center in the darkest depths of World War II prior to America’s entering the war. Baba dictated the “Seven Realities” on January 9, 1941, and had them distributed in India, Europe, and America by His lovers to the heads of churches, temples, mosques, etc. He also ordered Princess Norina Matchabelli, Elizabeth Patterson, and Countess Nadine Tolstoy to go to America to spread his message and to find a Center for His Work. In a letter dated June 6, 1941, to Norina, Elizabeth, and Nadine just before their departure for America, Baba wrote: “I know you three constantly think of me, and Beloved Baba also has you eternally in His heart. You must have only one fixed thought in your minds, and that is that you are going to do Baba’s great work. You must remember everything I told you and happily, bravely and willingly carry them out” (Norina’s Gift, p. 21). This was a unique time and circumstance. In His circular dated 15th of February 1941, he stated:

“First, that on the 1st of August 1941, my speaking operation would begin (speaking to myself).

And Second , that my world manifestation would come to full expression on the 15th of February 1942.

…From August 1st to February 15th, I will literally not be seen by anyone, even my closest disciples. During this period, I shall lead the world affairs to the climax, imperative before my manifestation in 1942, which will mark the beginning of the general adjustment of the world, and bring out the subsequent unfoldment of spiritual revival.”

(Lord Meher, 8: 2668)


In a continuation of this circular, He stated: “I will speak on the 1st of August the Divine Word to myself, the Word of the Will of God that will begin the resurrection of the dead world and start the general adjustment of the world. (ibid. p. 2677).


It was around this time on coming to America that Baba began spreading His Message of Love and Truth through Norina and His thought-transmission work. She attracted much media attention and many came to know of Baba’s love and message.


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