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Three-Fourths of the World

Three-Fourths of the World: A Whimsical Computation

By Allan Y. Cohen

(First posted on the Baba-Talk Listserv, 7 June 2012)

Gents & ladies, scientists, historians, and statisticians:

A whimsical computation for those who take Meher Baba’s statements about the 3/4th’s world destruction to apply to human beings (and who might be a tad worried):

  1. In what year did Meher Baba first talk about 3/4’s of the world being destroyed?
  1. Approximately how many people inhabited the planet on that date?
  1. Using any reasonable algorithms or estimates, how many of those people are still alive as of this date?

For example, If we benchmark around 1955-1956 (see “The Final Declaration”): as of 2012, the 1956 babies would be 56 years old; and those 40 in 1956 would be 94 now. If we could know the median or average age of the 1956 world population and the sequence of life expectancies across the globe, it may be that an estimated 3/4ths of all alive in 1956 would have already passed away. If not, I’ll bet we’re closing in on that figure.

A fun thought, but whimsical because Baba also said:

“The destruction of three-fourths of the world: was said in my own ‘language’ alone.”*

Jai Baba!


* “…that which is said in my own ‘language’ is impossible for you to understand, however much you may try to interpret the meaning behind my words. Only the fulfillment of events can unfold to you, in due course, the meaning of what is said in my own ‘language.’” —KCB


Editor’s Comment: So the whimsical implication is that the “passing away” of 3/4 of the world population can be equated with the “destruction” of same and therefore this destruction may have already “silently” and sneakily occurred? But isn’t the connotation of the word “destruction” a wiping out of masses of people in one fell swoop (or one swell foop, since we’re being whimsical) — not merely the gradual passing of people in the normal course of events? Personally I think the former is a much more “fun” thought.   — Kendra



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